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Lutheran Life Communities’ CEO Responds to “Great Resignation”

January 24, 2022

Given the workplace stress the pandemic has magnified, Sloan Bentley, President and CEO of Lutheran Life Communities, is responding with enterprise-wide programs and opportunities to promote well-being and growth.

Lutheran Life Communities looks at the Great Resignation in a different light. That healthcare workers are leaving the industry after nearly two years of increased workloads, fear of contracting COVID at work and burnout during the pandemic, is well publicized. Most employers are not offering initiatives to counteract employee discontent. Bentley understands many people are resigning for the opportunity to earn more money elsewhere. She believes promoting a workplace where team members feel appreciated and valued sets Lutheran Life Communities apart. Bentley recognizes that providing a work environment of personal growth and fulfillment of mission creates a compelling vision that inspires and excites.

While many other businesses transitioned to working remotely, team members of Lutheran Life Communities did not have that luxury. Residents of senior living communities, including residential living, assisted living and skilled nursing and rehabilitative services, rely on team members to provide care and services around the clock. Team members are Lutheran Life’s greatest asset—the heart of the company—and exemplify Lutheran Life’s mission of empowering vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations. In recognition of the commitment to the mission and importance of work/life balance, team member well-being is a priority for Lutheran Life Communities.

To recognize team members with perfect attendance while providing care and meeting the needs of residents during the holiday season, the organization created an innovative incentive program. In addition to receiving a $500 bonus for team members who did not call out from work, their names were entered into a drawing for a $5,000 grand prize. At the end of the bonus period, a total of 474 (or 33%) of all team members were entered into the grand prize drawing. The winning team member is employed at Pleasant View, a Life Plan community located in Ottawa, Illinois.

This perfect attendance grand prize is one of many recognition, learning and well-being programs Lutheran Life Communities has planned for team members in 2022. Reclaiming MyJoy, a program centered on both self-reflection and a commitment to engage in activities that bring personal satisfaction, has already been successfully rolled out. Other programs include the Charting Your Course learning and development program, the Team Member Assistance Program and the CARE Fund to assist team members in emergency situations. Future programs are being designed to focus on individual well-being and will include fitness challenges and classes, practicing mindfulness to promote emotional well-being.

With company-designed programs that exceed typical employment benefits, Lutheran Life Communities is becoming a leader in supporting total team member wellness during The Great Resignation.

Lutheran Life Communities, a not-for-profit senior living and services organization.

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