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MEMIC Lauds John Knox Village With Award for Injury Management

January 18, 2023

PORTLAND, ME—The MEMIC Group, workers’ compensation insurance specialists, has named John Knox Village of Florida, Inc. (JKV), one of three winners of The MEMIC Award for Excellence in Injury Management for 2022.

Nominated by MEMIC (Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company) claims staff, John Knox Village was considered the best among more than 20,000 policyholders insured by MEMIC when it comes to caring for injured workers.

The MEMIC Award for Excellence in Injury Management recognizes that, when injuries occur, the employer utilizes MEMIC’s best-in-class services to focus on the injured person’s return to health and eventual return to work. Characteristics for consideration include use of MEMIC’s first call 24/7 injury triage service, timely filing of claims, strong return-to-work and light-duty procedures, coordination with risk control to avoid similar injuries, use of in-network care as allowed, little or no attorney involvement, utilization of First Fill Rx and practicing MEMIC values of transparency and partnership.

“John Knox Village has instilled a culture of care that is an example for all our policyholders and for their entire industry,” said MEMIC Group President and CEO Michael P. Bourque. “We’re proud to partner with the people at John Knox Village to make it a consistently safer and more productive place to work, and we will continue to deeply collaborate with them on our team approach to safety.”

John Knox Village was selected for excellent partnership with MEMIC claims and loss control departments through such actions as reporting claims in a timely manner and having an excellent return-to-work program. The organization also provides light duty for any injured worker, even if it means moving them to a different department. They are engaged in the claims process, attending quarterly reviews and staying in close contact with their injured workers. They foster a team approach to ensure injured workers are comfortable with the claims process and check in frequently with injured employees to ensure they are doing well.

Risk Manager Kirsten Whiting maintains open communication with MEMIC claims associates and is responsive to calls and emails. John Knox Village utilizes the First Fill Rx program as well as in-network direction of initial medical care to do their part in reducing claim costs.

“I have a strong focus on employee safety and pride myself on making sure all team members are as well taken care of as possible here at JKV,” Whiting said.

MEMIC annually reviews the work of policyholders to recognize their distinction in injury management, and is dedicated to helping policyholders avoid unnecessary costs by keeping workers safe on the job and efficiently handling claims for injuries when they occur.

Among other benefits, MEMIC policyholders have free and unlimited access to health specialists within minutes of an incident, which helps reduce overall medical costs and ensures faster claims processing. Many MEMIC policyholders are also assigned a dedicated loss control consultant at no additional cost.

“Through the service of our claims teams and loss control consultants working together, we’ve had the great opportunity to collaborate with our policyholders directly at their places of work,” MEMIC Senior Vice President of Claims Matt Harmon said. “This team approach is embraced by JKV people, who made a strong commitment to fairly treating injured workers that’s worthy of special recognition.”

The MEMIC Awards were established in 1994 to celebrate best practices in workers’ compensation. Since 2021, the MEMIC Award for Excellence in Injury Management has recognized employers that help injured workers regain health and return to work. Winners have collaborated with MEMIC and health care professionals to win the best possible outcomes for workers injured on the job.

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