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Murata Vios Announces Integration with PointClickCare’s EHR Platform

June 28, 2022

WOODBURY, MN—Murata Vios, Inc., developer of the Vios Monitoring System, is proud to announce the launch of its integration with PointClickCare, the leading cloud‐based software vendor for the senior care market. The integration will allow health care facilities to seamlessly integrate vital signs data into residents’ electronic health records (EHR) for clinical review, helping to eliminate data entry time lags and transcription errors, and improve clinician efficiency.

“Real‐time understanding of a resident’s vital signs can help prevent hospital readmissions, because care teams can more quickly identify and treat the early signs of clinical deterioration,” said Amit Patel, CEO of Murata Vios. “With the Vios Monitoring System and its remote monitoring services, PointClickCare customers have a better way to capture this data and respond to changes in a resident’s condition. It can also free up clinical time that was previously spent on manually spot‐checking and recording vital signs every few hours.”

The Vios Monitoring System is a wireless, FDA‐cleared patient monitoring platform designed to improve resident safety and outcomes. The system delivers insights and value to post‐acute care providers by:

  • Continuously monitoring vital signs. The Vios Monitoring System measures high‐fidelity 7‐lead ECG, heart rate, oxygen levels, pulse rate, respiratory rate and posture data.
  • Improving 24/7/365 oversight of changes in resident conditions. With Vios Remote Monitoring Services, a team of cardiac‐trained technicians can alert the on‐site care team to any changes in a resident’s condition, enabling them to quickly respond to resident deterioration that could lead to readmission.
  • Identifying risk of pressure injuries. The Vios Chest Sensor has a built‐in 3‐axis accelerometer that detects and displays the resident’s posture in real‐time. When turn orders are added, the system can determine when a patient is at risk of developing a pressure injury so the on‐site care team can address the issue.

Additional information regarding the integration can be found on the PointClickCare Marketplace—an online platform that enables customers to easily evaluate authorized third-party technology partners. Partners listed on the PointClickCare Marketplace offer integrated apps and/or services that are designed to be quickly deployed and work seamlessly with providers’ existing workflows.

“The PointClickCare Marketplace offers the widest range of integrated solutions available to the market,” says Chris Beekman, Marketplace director, PointClickCare. “Our partnership with Murata Vios is further testament to our continually growing partner network and ecosystem, and the wealth of possibilities it provides our customers to extend their technology capabilities.”

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