New Senior Living Community Provides Unique Spiritual Engagement Activities

May 3, 2017

HIXSON, TN–-Dominion Senior Living of Hixson recently opened its doors to provide assisted living and memory care services to seniors in the greater Chattanooga area. The heart of the company and the care they provide is based around mission-driven, purposeful interactions with residents, and they use daily spiritual engagement activities to help fulfill their mission. The team members take the calling to honor God through service to seniors seriously, and have been thinking about new and creative ways to meet the spiritual, physical and mental needs of seniors from a variety of backgrounds. To help further their offerings, Dominion Senior Living of Hixson is looking for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds – like choirs, ministers, Bible study leaders and musicians – to help engage its residents in emotional and spiritual wellness. It’s all part of their special desire to improve the lives of seniors and bring fulfillment to the people who spent their lives doing so much for others.

“We currently offer a variety of spiritual services, which is a blessing to us and something we look forward to each day,” said Beth Baxter, executive director of Dominion Senior Living of Hixson. “Each person’s faith is so personal that we look for a variety of volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skills to provide a well-rounded experience for all of our residents. We look forward to expanding these activities as we gain more residents and volunteers and create an environment that gives seniors and our team members a sense of purpose when they get up each day.”

Dominion Senior Living of Hixson holds a daily devotional, a weekly Bible study led by team members and focuses on the book “Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God” by Freddy Cardoza, as well as a weekly meditation time for relaxation and reflection. While the team members enjoy using their time to provide these activities, members of the public with spiritual backgrounds could enhance the residents’ lives even further. Currently the residents’ beliefs span several denominations, including Baptist, Catholic and Methodist. Dominion Senior Living of Hixson is looking for all kinds of denominations to be represented in its spiritual activities so residents feel fulfilled in the way they choose to worship God.

“The spiritual mission of Dominion Senior Living is one of the aspects that drew me to this job,” said Jade Alsobrook, life enrichment director at Dominion Senior Living of Hixson. “Being able to encourage our residents’ faith and express my own faith at work is very fulfilling. Working here has added to my faith, and I’m learning so much by hearing our residents share their own thoughts as we grow together.”

Dominion Senior Living of Hixson sits adjacent to Abba’s House, and the company purchased the parcel of land from the church to build the senior living community. Abba’s House serves as one of several ministry partners for Dominion Senior Living of Hixson, and each Sunday the church service streams inside the senior living community’s on-site chapel so residents can participate in traditional worship services.

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