New White Paper Demonstrates Relationship Between Employee Engagement and Retention

July 9, 2019

WRIGHTSVILLE, PA–Holleran, the nation’s premier research and consulting firm serving aging service providers, in partnership with Life Care Services, the recognized leader in senior living management, have jointly released a white paper covering issues around employee engagement and retention.

The white paper, entitled “How Does Employee Engagement Impact Turnover?” was made possible through a multi-year, longitudinal commitment to research. For 18 months, Holleran worked with LCS to track the engagement and rate of turnover among more than 750 employees across 39 Life Care Services managed campuses. The analysis of this data proved fascinating, as it demonstrated a direct link between how engaged an employee is and how likely they were to be retained.

“Obviously, workforce issues are at the forefront of the challenges facing aging services providers,” said Nikki Rineer, President of Holleran. “LCS is committed to building a quality team at their communities. Identifying, engaging, and retaining the highest performing employees is critical to their future success. Through this study, we were able to pinpoint attributes and behaviors that may mean someone is at risk of leaving. These findings are being used throughout LCS to improve retention at every level.”

“For years, we’ve known that highly engaged employees turnover less,” said Jennifer Leo, a Senior Research Analyst with Holleran. “Now, thanks to our partnership with LCS, we have additional data to drive conversations. As we suspected, relationships and self-esteem are the key drivers that determine if an employee is retained or looks elsewhere for employment.”

Life Care Services and Holleran have made this white paper available for free as a download via Holleran’s website.

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