Partners Pharmacy’s AP PassPort™ Launches in Massachusetts at Liberty Commons Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center

May 14, 2018

Bill Bogdanovich, president and CEO of Broad Reach Healthcare and Liberty Commons stated, “AP PassPort™ is really an extension of Partners Pharmacy located within Liberty Commons. We have been interested in deploying this innovative system for some time and are glad to be the first in Massachusetts to do so. We could not be more pleased with the training and support provided by Partners Pharmacy.”

Additionally, Bogdanovich stated, “Our nursing staff and residents benefit from Passport’s ‘real time’ med pass preparation and packaging, greatly reducing the risk of changes in medication orders not getting carried through to the med pass. AP PassPort™ provides tremendous medication workflow efficiency, enabling our nurses to be a nurses and spend more time on direct patient care and less on med pass, med destruction, and other routine functions.”

Derek Corriveau, Partners’ Massachusetts director of pharmacy said “I am so impressed by the combined ease of use and advanced technology of our AP PassPort™ system and that the staff at both the Pharmacy and Liberty Commons were incredibly excited to be benefiting from and introducing AP PassPort™ in Massachusetts.” You can see his full speech and the first tote pull at Liberty Commons on our YouTube page.

The AP PassPort™ incorporates innovative engineering and advanced software to allow nursing staff to spend less time on administration and associated tasks, and more time on patient care. The system is monitored visually and diagnostically 24/7 via our on-call pharmacy support, which is crucial to operations functioning seamlessly, even during natural disasters or power outages. Skilled and sub-acute facility managers at nursing facilities throughout Massachusetts are now able to take advantage of this unique system.

Partners Pharmacy is based in Springfield, New Jersey, and is a leading Long-Term Care pharmacy in the United States. Partners Pharmacy is known as Advanced Pharmacy in Texas, Florida and Maryland.

AP PassPort™ is the leading remote automated dispensing and is currently deployed at over 130 Skilled Nursing Facilities.

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