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Preston Greens Innovating Dementia Care via Technology

August 5, 2022

LEXINGTON, KY—Preston Greens, an Integral Senior Living community offering personal and dementia care in Lexington, is cultivating a one-of-a-kind senior living experience for its residents—through the use of new technology.

The community has coupled newly installed, state-of-the-art circadian lighting with a person-centered engagement device called It’s Never Too Late (iN2L), to give its residents an all-encompassing environment of quality care.

“When it comes to the care we provide our residents, we are constantly looking for new, reliable and engaging ways to ensure each resident continues to receive the best care possible in the most comfortable setting,” said Melissa Hauke, executive director of Preston Greens. “By folding these new technological innovations into our care practices, we are effectively raising the bar for what quality senior care looks like and taking another step in the right direction toward improving the overall well-being for each resident.”

Traditional fluorescent and LED lighting can provide harsh blue lighting after sunset, resulting in sundowning, sleep disruption and health disorders. Circadian lighting is designed to cultivate and amplify the natural circadian rhythms that take place over a 24-hour cycle and that respond primarily to environment lighting. Through intentional circadian lighting, residents are exposed to various shades of light throughout the day and evening that promote positive physical, mental and behavioral health.

In addition to circadian lighting, Preston Greens also wields the full capabilities of the iN2L solutions, such as tablets and interactive monitors. These solutions offer an extensive library of digital content, thoughtfully tailored with a broad range of individual needs and interests in mind. With more than 5,000 content applications that support the core dimensions of wellness, iN2L makes it possible to customize resident engagement for every resident.

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