Renovations at Park Terrace Enhance Social Wellness for Residents

October 7, 2022

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA—Exciting renovations are nearing completion at Park Terrace, a Kisco Senior Living community located in Rancho Santa Margarita. Completed September 15th, the renovations will revitalize several common areas at Park Terrace, such as the community’s distinctive dining venues and an outdoor courtyard and pool that will serve as a focal point to the carefree and active lifestyle provided for residents at the community.

“At Park Terrace, residents are offered an abundance of choices for wellness and entertainment on a daily basis,” said Geno Koehler, executive director of Park Terrace. “Our dining venues and outdoor spaces are hubs for activity and engagement, where residents frequently enjoy barbecues, evening concerts and relaxation time by the pool with friends and family. These renovations will further elevate our lifestyle experience for residents.”

The renovations included a grand opening of Il Paradiso—Park Terrace’s illustrious, outdoor courtyard. To celebrate the completion of the renovations on September 15th, the community held an outdoor luau party coupled with refreshments, music and quality time with friends that allowed residents to preview the area’s potential for fun and fellowship. The renovated space will act as a centerpiece of outdoor entertainment and dining for Park Terrace residents. From a new, eco-friendly turf putting green to a thoroughly-refurbished pool and new dining space, residents and their families can enjoy a plethora of options for outdoor leisure such as putting competitions, pool parties and much more.

The community’s main dining room, Bella Tierra, also received extensive enhancements such as a new open layout, an added fireplace and painting finishes that were designed to reflect the community’s Spanish colonial architectural style and further modernize the dining experience for Park Terrace residents. The community held a grand reopening for Bella Tierra on August 9th, allowing residents to explore the rejuvenated ambience and new menu concepts it has to offer. Menu items include garden-fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets and incorporate essential food groups and an array of palettes and flavors, providing residents with multiple healthy and delicious dining options at every meal.

“Park Terrace is focused on elevating the senior lifestyle experience for our residents. Our community is home to generations who have new expectations of senior living and are looking for improved experiences and amenities, so we are consistently assessing our offerings to ensure they truly feel at home,” said Koehler. “We place an emphasis on family and community in everything we do to nurture the relationships and experiences that matter most to them. By including amenities for multigenerational families, we are providing an environment that encourages residents to spend quality time with their loved ones.”

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