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Science Care Welcomes Hospice Hereos Nominations Through January 2

December 21, 2018

PHOENIX, AZ–In recent years, the turnover rate for the in-home care industry has skyrocketed to 65.7  percent. One of the main reasons, a study from the Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care found, is hospice professionals aren’t getting the emotional support they need. Science Care is accepting nominations through January 2 for its Hospice Heroes awards, recognizing hospice professionals for their commitment to their critical and exhausting vocation.

As the leader in whole body donation, Science Care works with hospice services on a daily basis and sees firsthand the pressure and emotional burden its employees experience. To demonstrate how valued they are, the company is honoring 10 hospice professionals nationwide for upholding the highest standards of care while doing the emotionally charged duties of caring for the terminally ill.

“I am excited to launch this program to recognize these extraordinary professionals for their hard work and dedication,” said Katrina Hernandez, vice president of donor services for Science Care. “These caregivers operate in high stress environments—providing medical, emotional, and spiritual support to terminally ill and dying patients and their grieving loved ones. Our merit-based awards program will honor these heroes and show our support for their selfless work.”

The awards program was launched in November in celebration of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. The company is calling on hospice employees to nominate colleagues deserving recognition as one of Science Care’s Hospice Heroes in 500 words or less. Science Care is closely linked to the hospice industry, working with hospices and hospitals all over the country to facilitate whole body donations, which support medical research, education, and training that touches virtually every level of medical and personal care, helping terminally ill patients leave a lasting legacy.

Submissions for Science Care’s Hospice Heroes will be accepted through January 2. Winners will be announced on January 21.

To nominate a hospice employee, visit: https://goo.gl/gqX4Xe.

Science Care is the world’s largest whole body donation program, and since its inception in 2000 it has enabled tens of thousands of families to donate their loved one’s remains to medical research and discovery.

The company works with the world’s top universities, government agencies, corporate and private medical institutions to advance physician training, contribute to critical medical research, and help in the development of leading-edge prescription drug therapies and medical device breakthroughs. Its programs have helped improve every aspect of human health and have supported the development of radical technologies, therapies and discoveries.

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