Holleran Releases Engagement Insights Report; Research Proves Correlation Between Resident and Employee Engagement

January 14, 2019

WRIGHTSVILLE, PA–Holleran, the nation’s leading research firm specializing in senior living and community engagement, has released its new Insights Report. The report details the link between employee engagement and resident engagement, demonstrating the interaction between these two concepts. Utilizing Holleran’s database of employee and resident engagement surveys, which forms the largest benchmark of its kind, researchers are able to definitively prove the symbiotic relationship between engagement in these two cohorts.

The research shows that organizations that embrace a culture of engagement can reap major rewards, such as reductions in voluntary turnover, better occupancy levels, and a more loyal workforce committed to helping residents successfully age. The Insights Report shows that where there are high levels of resident engagement, high levels of employee engagement are also found. Utilizing the information gleaned from the research, the Insights Report also offers best practices to achieve even greater levels of engagement campus-wide.

Senior living organizations are already taking note of the findings provided by the Insights Report and incorporating them into their business decisions. “For several years, we have instinctively known that when our residents are engaged, our employees are also engaged” says Linda Dailey, Executive Director of Glenwood, a United Church Homes community located in Marietta, OH. “Holleran has harnessed the power of their benchmark to prove what we suspected. Then, they took it to the next level by providing actionable information that should change the way senior living providers operate.”

“We’re incredibly excited to publish our Insights Report,” said Michele Holleran, CEO and Founder. “For the last two and a half decades, Holleran has been utilizing our survey data to better understand how engagement levels impact the bottom line for our partners. The Insights Report provides an in-depth look at the connection between employee and resident engagement, giving concrete examples of how increasing engagement in one area directly affects the other.” The report is free and available for download on the Holleran website.


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