Silverado Opens One New Community, Announces Another

February 23, 2022

While celebrating its 25th anniversary, Silverado announced two milestones for communities that see the company growing in two new states. The long-awaited Silverado Red Rock Memory Care Community in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been licensed and is expected to begin welcoming residents in mid-March. In addition, a brand new community in Frederick, Maryland, has been announced with a projected mid-2022 opening date.

These two additions will increase the number of states where Silverado operates communities, from six to eight, with Nevada and Maryland joining California, Texas, Washington, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

Both new communities share the same floor plan, and each will serve 72 residents. At Silverado, each community is designed to serve the unique needs of its memory-impaired residents, including many unique innovations pioneered by the company. While the community buildings share many similarities, the surroundings in which they sit are truly unique and representative of the communities they serve.

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