Seattle CEO Dwayne Clark’s Book Receives National Book Award

October 7, 2016

Aegis Living is proud to announce that our CEO, Dwayne Clark, has just been awarded a Living Now Book Award for his compelling (2012) autobiography My Mother, My Son. The book was honored in the Living Now Mind-Body-Spirit category. The Living Now Book Awards celebrate the innovation and creativity of newly published books that enhance the quality of our lives, from cooking and fitness to relationships and mature living. Clark says, “Winning this award is truly an honor. My sincere gratitude goes out to the fine staff at Living Now. The book took a lot to write, so it’s gratifying to see it received like this.”

My Mother, My Son illustrates the power of love and a cruel twist of fate. A son (Dwayne Clark) who came from a struggling family that had little means was able to fulfill his mother’s lifelong dream to be successful—with all the status and trappings that entailed. Little did they know that her dream would end with a disease that had become an integral part of his livelihood.

As Clark became a successful executive leading Aegis Living, his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and eventually became a resident at one of his memory care communities. Even though his life’s work dealt with the elderly and memory loss, he still had to come to terms with the diagnosis and the painful realization that his mother would one day forget who he was and the dreams and memories they had shared.

The book is also about to become a major motion picture, produced by EFO (Emmett, Furla, Oasis Films). Academy award-winning Irwin Winkler has agreed to direct the film. The book is available now on

Aegis Living is a national leader in retirement, assisted living and Alzheimer’s care, providing the finest in senior lifestyle and emphasizing health, quality of life and well-being for more than 2,000 residents at 29 communities in the Western U.S. with 10 more in development. The company employs more than 2,100 people. It has consistently been ranked one of the Best Places to Work. Dwayne Clark has also authored several books, plays, and produced films as founder and CEO of True Productions.

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