SeniorMetrics is now Sentrics

March 21, 2019

CHICAGO–SeniorMetrics, Inc. (“SeniorMetrics”), an integrated technology provider to the senior living industry, has changed its name to Sentrics. SeniorMetrics was established to bring together leading industry technologies to create an ecosystem that supports the expanded needs of today’s senior living community from end to end; Sentrics is the realization of those efforts.

“Sentrics’ primary focus is to combine new and existing technologies for senior living residents and their families. By providing an integrated solution that offers a 360 degree view of a resident’s physical, mental and emotional well-being, Sentrics allows families and communities to engage and surround mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa with care and love,” said Sentrics CEO, Darin LeGrange; adding, “The industry is moving rapidly from being just a residence to an engaging environment that improves the quality of care and life. It isn’t just about living longer, but living better. Technology plays a foundational role.”

Sentrics leverages existing community infrastructure to maintain low costs with advanced technology and analytics that surround the resident with 360 degrees of care and attention. It improves the quality of life for the very people that have cared for us in the past by integrating leading technology, people and process into a one-stop shop that:

  • Ensures the safety of each resident in the community through remote monitoring
  • Engages the resident, their family, the healthcare ecosystem and the community
  • Entertains the resident with customizable programming and ubiquitous online connectivity
  • Enriches their lives through new and improved access to resources

The Sentrics platform improves the quality of life for its residents and the quality of services for its families and communities, while striving to reduce costs for all stakeholders in the long-term care ecosystem. Sentrics plans to expand its solutions with like-minded, forward-thinking technology and service providers that bring transformational change to the senior living industry.

The Company partners with senior living facilities to strengthen the focus on the total well-being of each resident through actionable physical, medical, social and mental data. Its integrated platform provides a comprehensive engagement offering built to drive greater outcomes across the senior living care continuum. Segments of the total platform are currently being used in whole or part and include customized entertainment and connectivity solutions, remote monitoring for enhanced physical safety, and community engagement tools; driving a data platform that will move toward predictive analysis for improved, real-time decision making—all to be combined into a data-rich simple resident dashboard for family and provider use.

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