smpl Eases Caregiver Stress

PALM BEACH, FL-Failing eyesight, trembling hands, diminished hearing, decreased mobility, memory loss … we’ve all seen loved ones experience these symptoms as they’ve aged. This is not only difficult for the aging individuals, it is also challenging for their loved ones and their caregivers.

Most caregivers are young to middle-aged and have other significant demands on their time. Yet caregivers receive little help to manage and balance their own lives as they attend to the needs of another. No wonder caregivers experience so much stress.

Everyone knows a caregiver to someone else, whether it be a grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse, child, or a friend. It is estimated that 66 million Americans are providing care nearly 40 hours a week. There are 20 million next-of-kin caregivers and nearly one million other people employed as home health aides. 65% of caregivers live with the person they care for.

smpl Technology was co-founded by Bruce Barnet, who spent the last 15 years creating products and consulting for senior living and care facilities nationwide. Barnet states “smpl’s mission is to develop products with both the caregiver and care recipient in mind. Our products are designed to ease caregiver stress by enabling those you care for to live a more engaged, independent and dignified life. As a caregiver myself, we understand the burden, stress, and unselfishness of caring for a loved one.”

smpl and its initial line of five senior and caregiver electronics products include:

  • smpl TV Remote – Eliminate the Frustration of TV Remotes
  • smpl Radio & Music Player – An Entertainment Center Everyone Can Use
  • smpl Photo Phone – Dialing 11-Digit Phone Numbers Isn’t So Easy For Everyone
  • smpl Reminder Rosie – Rosie Tells Them What to Do So You Don’t Have To
  • smpl Alerts – The Complete & Expandable Home Monitoring System Increases Safety

smpl products are unique in that they restore some degree of control over their environment and self-respect to the people who use them while providing enhanced peace of mind to their caregivers, making quality of life as good as it can be. In short, problem solved.