StoneGate Senior Living Announces New Strategic Partnership with ARKRAY USA, Inc. And The Diabetes Store

August 4, 2017

StoneGate Senior Living is launching a new program with ARKRAY USA, Inc and the Diabetes Store, strengthening the commitment to support Diabetes Management and better patient outcomes. With the development of ARKRAY Discharge Planning Program, StoneGate is now able to provide much-needed education on approved American Diabetes Association material to the population.

The program kicked off for five of StoneGate’s Assisted Living Facilities on July 15, 2017. Today, StoneGate is beginning to implement the program for all of its Senior Nursing Facilities.

“People diagnosed with diabetes is growing year over year. It is important that continued monitoring and lifestyle changes are folded into daily life,” says StoneGate’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dianne K. Sullivan-Slazyk RN, BSN, MBA. “The better control of your blood sugar, the less likely you will have side effects of the disease. Partnering with ARKRAY allows us to provide education to our residents and the families as well as equipping them with the tools to do so.”

The Diabetes Store offers convenient solutions for diabetes management including high-quality and affordable blood glucose meters and testing supplies, home delivery, and insurance assistance to help lower costs.

“We are excited to be a Diabetes Health Ally with Stonegate,” says Suzanne Saraniti, ARKRAY’s Director of National Account. “We want to support the continuum of care effort for individuals with diabetes so that they can better manage the disease, and live healthy, active lives.”

Residents at 41 of StoneGate’s facilities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, who are newly diagnosed, as well as those residents who have been living with diabetes for years, will benefit from the program. The program will either be a refresher of material or an introduction to living with diabetes and the lifestyle changes and monitoring that are needed prior to discharge.

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