StudioSIX5 to Use Virtual Reality to Navigate Through 3-D Renderings When Designing Senior Living Communities

February 8, 2019

AUSTIN, TX–Today, advancements in rendering technology make it increasingly harder to tell some 3-D renderings from actual photographs. As a leader in cutting-edge techniques, StudioSIX5 is taking the design of renderings to a new level through the use of virtual reality (VR).

Using VR will allow the design team to navigate through 3-D environments when designing senior living communities. StudioSIX5 starts training this month and will soon use VR to enhance the design process for all their clients. As part of the training, StudioSIX5 will use VR as they design their office renovations.

“Using virtual reality with Revit and 3ds Max is going to give us several advantages,” said Chan Geltemeyer, architectural production designer at StudioSIX5. “Virtual reality will allow us to immerse ourselves in the commons areas, residences and other community spaces we design. We will have the capability to virtually move around the space to see and feel how things will work before creating them in real life. We will address small nuances, mark up models with proposed finishes and change aspects of design with ease.”

This design tool will assist the team in confronting previously unforeseen challenges, allowing them to make changes and stay on schedule. Eventually, StudioSIX5 plans to share VR experiences with clients to make the design review more immersive, particularly for clients who have a difficult time visualizing how a space will look and feel.

“Another unique feature of VR is the ability to adjust the viewpoint—for example, demonstrating the viewpoint from the height of someone sitting in a wheelchair,” said Geltemeyer. “The technology will help us take our designs one step above best practices for bar and counter heights by showing us views from different perspectives. We will engage with the space and amenities, as well as see the space from all angles and adjust the scale if needed. We are thrilled to incorporate VR into our design process, which will result in detail-oriented spaces catered to the people who will live and work in them every day.”

Since 2003, StudioSIX5 has provided design services for all different senior living levels and prides itself on incorporating a celebration for life in its designs. The company also designs furnishings and flooring with leading industry manufacturers.

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