First Choice Telehealth Launches Provider-Powered Solutions:Improves Patient Care, Enhances Profitability and Regulatory Compliance, Introduces Affordable Pricing

ORLANDO, FL–Answering the needs of physicians and healthcare providers to enhance patient care, First Choice Telehealth™ (FCT)  launched its secure, reliable telehealth solutions to serve professionals nationwide in virtually every healthcare environment: private practices/IPAs/ACOs; hospitals/urgent care/ambulatory care surgi-centers; health plans; extended care/assisted living facilities; homecare/rehab/nursing environments; and correctional centers.

Reflecting years of development, know-how and expertise to make a provider’s first experience with telehealth meaningful, regulatory compliant and profitable, FCT offers advanced technology, expert guidance and pricing options unmatched by conventional telehealth platforms.

“For the first time, providers have access to step-by-step guidance and processes for implementing telehealth, with the benefit of conservative strategies to facilitate risk management while improving the patient/provider relationship,” says James B. Levasseur, Ph.D., FCT president and co-founder, and a telehealth practice consultant certified in telehealth as a provider and administrator. “When healthcare providers adopt the FCT solution, they learn telehealth skills in a sheltered and supportive environment that has their best interests in mind. FCT integrates protocols to help ensure compliance with HIPAA and all regulatory boards while streamlining implementation.”

Provider organizations, health plans, trade and industry associations, practice management advisors, hospital consulting firms and others will be introducing the FCT solution to their members and stakeholders. FCT features affordable pricing at $89 per month per provider, with no startup expenses. Patient membership is free, with modest convenience fees for usage.

Felicia Richard, FCT co-founder and CEO, and an administrative consultant for medical and behavioral health providers, adds, “Built-in, first-tier administrative services generate cost savings of 10-20 percent over platform-only alternatives. Our totally customized, flexible services allow providers to set their own prices and implement personal preferences. We’re bringing access, care quality and the cost of telehealth to a whole new level.”