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A.I. Powered Body Temperature Sensing Fever Camera Launched by Platinum CCTV® Helps Businesses Protect Employees and Customers from Virus Spread

April 6, 2020

WARRENVILLE, IL–Platinum CCTV recently released their new version thermal body temperature sensing camera which has been installed in businesses to help them scan for fevers in their employees and customers.

This new version PT-BF5421-T Thermal/Visible IP Camera represents the newest generation of artificial intelligence thermal imaging, which is designed to sense for accurate body temperatures to ±0.54°F.

Scanning for fevers in individuals can help identify the initial symptoms of viruses in people before they have a chance to spread further. It can pick up accurate body temperatures on people walking at normal speeds while wearing masks, hats, and even helmets.

These cameras help to speed up screening processes at facilities, providing audible and visual alerts when a higher than normal body temperature is found so that the facility can enact their protocols to help isolate from the rest of the patrons or employees to help stop viruses from spreading. The new A.I. built into these cameras, allows the camera to maintain accuracy and increase the speed of screening for all facilities.

“This camera is really changing the way businesses are screening and are helping to keep our supply chains open,” said Michael Dunteman, CEO of Platinum CCTV. “Rapid scanning of employees as they enter a factory or people as they enter mass transit or grocery store facilities helps the country continue to operate our essential functions. At the same time, we have heard from many of our clients that their customers and employees feel much safer knowing that they and everyone else have been scanned for a fever upon entry. Now, security personnel can screen and identify sick individuals without having to touch them, allowing for the implementation of safe, private and effective isolation protocols with medical professionals as mandated by each facility.”

Platinum CCTV: Thermal Camera Features

The PT-BF5421-T thermal camera can be used as a standalone device for security personnel to just watch live on a laptop or it can be incorporated with Platinum CCTV’s proprietary AVM (Advanced Video Management) platform for recording. Other features of the thermal fever camera include:

  • HD Resolution Video quality (1920 x 1080 visual resolution).
  • Accuracy to ±0.3°C (±0.54°F) at normal body temperatures.
  • Configurable Audible Siren and Visible light alert.
  • Artificial Intelligence for most accurate temperature readings.
  • ONVIF 2.0 compliant, works with most NVR software

Platinum CCTV: Thermal Camera Applications

The current COVID-19 pandemic is just the latest in a long line of viral threats that have threatened our way of life and safety: Ebola, H1N1, SARs and others have all highlighted the need for greater security in places where masses of people travel or gather. The PT-BF5421-T thermal camera has a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctor’s Offices
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Food Service Facilities
  • Sports Arenas and Convention Centers
  • Airports and Metra Stations
  • Police Checkpoints and Military Bases
  • Manufacturing Facilities, Warehouses, Factories
  • Apartment Buildings, Condos and High Rises

On the cutting edge of security for nearly two decades, Platinum CCTV® offers a full line of intelligently manufactured and innovative products to accommodate all manner of security camera installation needs. Platinum CCTV® brands provide a wide range of products from simple camera systems for homes and small businesses through artificial intelligence enhanced HD IP systems that provide alerts when issues are occurring at a facility. Its AVM systems deliver industry-leading remote access, playback and recording capabilities that are changing the way businesses and homeowners use their security cameras. This technology alone adds value to the traditional security camera system by making the video more accessible. This allows clients to use video to manage their facilities in new ways.

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