HeartLegacy and LifeShare Technologies Announce Partnership

DAPHNE, AL–HeartLegacy and LifeShare Technologies have partnered to give senior communities an easy way to display videos through their in-community digital signage.

HeartLegacy’s professionally edited video captured on its RemyGo® app now seamlessly integrates with LifeShare’s digital signage solution, expanding senior communities’ video content strategy and enhancing sales, marketing, and engagement initiatives.

The RemyGo® app has allowed communities to easily capture video of seniors, activities, families and staff, then upload for HeartLegacy’s professional quality editing. Video types include resident life story videos, marketing and sales videos, testimonials, staff profiles, recruitment videos, and much more.

The partnership with LifeShare Technologies expands usage from primarily the website, social media and HeartLegacy family app to multiple digital signage locations where resident stories, marketing videos, and video testimonials can now also be shared for increased engagement with residents, families, staff and sales prospects.

“We are so excited to bring even more value to our customers,” said Walt Armentrout, HeartLegacy Founder and CEO. “Now, all the wonderful content that is captured and made beautiful through the HeartLegacy service can be easily streamed and showcased on LifeShare’s CommunityShare platform. We’re looking forward to seeing HeartLegacy content distributed not just on our partners’ social media and websites, but also integrated throughout their communities using the LifeShare platform.”

HeartLegacy will be attending HealthTAC West 2019 produced by Senior Living News at Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, August 18-20.