Laurel Lake Retirement Community Fosters Engagement among Residents and Staff with Innovative Technology

June 24, 2019

COLUMBUS, OHIO–Status Solutions announced today that longtime customer, Laurel Lake Retirement Community, is implementing self-service and resident engagement solution, CATIE (Communication and Access to Information Everywhere).

Located on 150 acres in Hudson, Ohio, one of the largest CCRCs in Northeast Ohio, Laurel Lake Retirement Community is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community that is home to more than 450 older adults and employs 220 people. They have been a Status Solutions partner since 2011, when they first installed SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant) to improve communication, service and workflow. With a community full of older adults who aspire to lead lives filled with meaning, purpose, and lifelong opportunities for growth and services, Laurel Lake continues to transform the resident experience with the deployment of 291 CATIE in-room portals.

CATIE is an always-on, in-room communication and self-service software that establishes a link to the community and the world beyond digital isolation. CATIE introduces an efficient way to keep residents informed of community happenings, while also keeping staff informed of resident’s needs on a daily basis. Loretta Stevens, CFO of Laurel Lake explains, “From an operations standpoint, we expect great things from CATIE. This system will help our team more effectively handle service requests, meal preparation, event planning, and most importantly, responding to the health and safety needs of residents. It’s a more efficient and centralized way to manage facility needs while actively engaging with our residents.” CATIE enables communities to deliver digitized content and endless self-service options, giving residents access to the information they want when they want it.

“Of all the systems we evaluated, CATIE is by far the most user friendly,” says Loretta Stevens, CFO of Laurel Lake Retirement Community. “Any resident, regardless of age or comfort level in using technology, can easily use this tool to find the information and services they need, while staying connected to neighbors, friends and family.”

“We created CATIE to provide a senior friendly solution for residents to receive information they need, in order to stay connected and engaged with their community and the community at large. That’s what makes CATIE so special; it cultivates a feeling of togetherness that allows for residents to communicate with one another, family and friends, and staff,” explains Mike MacLeod, Status Solutions’ President and CEO.

Like Mike MacLeod, Laurel Lake is also dedicated to improving their resident’s quality of life, and ensuring that their residents are happy. In fact, before becoming a CATIE customer, Laurel Lake implemented a common area kiosk version of CATIE to provide their residents with a sample of the technology.

To further involve the residents in their decision to implement CATIE, Status Solutions sent two residents from another local senior living community which had previously implemented CATIE, to Laurel Lake. Because these residents were already familiar with CATIE, they were able to run a panel for Laurel Lake’s residents. During the panel they answered any and all questions, including CATIE’s abilities, ease of use, training, etc. This communication led to increased interest in the implementation of the technology, as well as assured Laurel Lake, and their residents, that they were choosing the absolute best solution for their retirement community.

Despite popular belief that seniors are uninterested in using technology, Laurel Lake’s CEO, David Oster, knows that this is simply not the case.

“We anticipate an even stronger connection with our residents with the integration of CATIE at Laurel Lake,” said Oster. “Our most recent satisfaction survey indicated that 80% of Laurel Lake residents already use digital technology in their daily lives. The next generation will be even more comfortable with it. We are confident that CATIE will provide enhanced communications, workflow and service for Laurel Lake residents and staff for years to come.” With this type of forward thinking, Oster is able to understand his residents’ wants and needs, and provide them with the necessary tools to get the most out of their experience.

“We believe that the CATIE in-home portal will not only enhance the lives of residents and their families, but also help our staff provide the best possible customer experience by improving communications in real time. For the past 30 years, our Laurel Lake community has been a leader in active retirement living for Northeast Ohio. We’re excited to bring this state-of-the-art technology to our campus,” said Oster.

Status Solutions is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies with a mission to keep people informed by delivering tools for life safety assurance, security monitoring, environmental awareness and mass notification. Its customized software solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication.



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