K4Connect And HHHunt Bring K4Community To Spring Arbor Senior Living Communities Throughout the Mid-Atlantic

RALEIGH, NC–K4Connect, a mission-centered technology company that creates solutions to serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities, announced today that HHHunt’s Senior Living Division has successfully implemented the K4Community “connected-life” platform across five communities in North Carolina and Maryland, with plans to expand to four additional communities in Virginia and North Carolina in the coming months.

These assisted living communities, known as Spring Arbor, are located in Raleigh, Apex, Greenville, and Greensboro, N.C., as well as Severna Park, Maryland.  Spring Arbor assisted living residents now have access to the K4Community platform, specifically designed for senior living communities. The platform combines the latest in smart-home technologies and engagement applications into a single, easy-to-use application.

HHHunt, an award-winning real estate development and management company, operates 22 Spring Arbor Assisted Living communities in the Mid-Atlantic. The Company holds a highly regarded 50-year track record in real estate, and since the early 90’s is known for its success in smart design and its highly-experienced staff certified in assisted senior living.

“Spring Arbor is committed to improving the standards of our communities and by adding technology based amenities for the residents, we’re enhancing our program while at the same time pushing the industry forward,” said Richard Williams, Senior Vice President of HHHunt’s Spring Arbor Senior Living Communities. “Hearing directly from our residents that K4Community is helping them live a more enjoyable and purposeful life is the reason we implemented K4Community in the first place. In addition to bringing K4Community to our existing communities, we plan to build the technology directly into the new communities being developed in coming years.”

“I was really curious about technology, but didn’t know if it would be a good fit for me,” said Leon Allgood, a resident of Spring Arbor Raleigh. “K4Community turned out to be very easy to use, and I use it to make decisions about what I want to do every day. I can do everything with it: check the weather, look at our menu, sign up for upcoming events, change my thermostat, play games, set lights to come on as I move around my room at night, and stay in touch with family and friends!”

K4Community is more than the latest in home automation. The platform brings together a multitude of capabilities that deliver real value and utility for older adults in senior living communities. K4Community is designed to easily integrate into both new and established communities, and is hosted, managed and supported by the K4Connect team. With a single touch, community residents can control their living environments (integrating “smart” thermostats, light switches, remote control, etc.); monitor their wellness (fitness trackers, time in bed, pill reminders, etc.); stay connected with loved ones through secure voice/video calling, photo sharing and messaging; and stay engaged in community activities through online event sign-ups, menus, resident directories, and newsletters.

K4Community also provides an integrated reporting and management system for senior living staff and operators, enabling them to provide the best in care, hospitality and operational efficiency. Staff members easily access K4Community data via user-friendly dashboards, which provides both resident analytics and building management insights. K4Community also serves as a content management system, digitizing the community, enabling more frequent communication, significantly greater feedback and overall lower costs.

“We have been extremely excited by the resident response at each of the Spring Arbors. K4Community has really become part of everyday life, in fact, across the communities there has been a 100% adoption rate of our home automation solutions, and our daily tablet usage rates are consistently higher than mass market solutions like LinkedIn and Pinterest,” said Scott Moody, CEO and Chief Client Advocate of K4Connect.