Constance Offers Daily Support for Residents Practicing Social Distancing

March 23, 2020

LANCASTER, PA–Constance, the creators of the nation’s leading check-in support service for seniors, is pleased to announce a new program to assist the residents and family members of senior living providers impacted by current events.

Constance’s service calls senior members every day for a brief, enjoyable check-in on their well-being — then quickly updates their loved ones and caregivers via email or mobile app. Now, thanks to advancements in data architecture and reporting, the Constance service can assist aging services providers in checking-in and engaging with their resident population, providing real time feedback to administrators and families, even while a campus is closed to visitors. The Constance check-in calls gather critical health and wellness data, engage senior members, and provide personal experiences during a time of social distancing.

“Constance is about building relationships. At a time when in-person socializing is difficult, Constance provides a friendly, daily check-in for our members” says Henry Yaeger, CEO & Co-Founder at Constance. “Summaries of those check-ins can be then shared with providers and families, so that they quickly and efficiently receive daily updates on the people they care for. The best part is that communities don’t have to hire more people, or install an advanced IT system. Constance is seamless.”

“Across the country, senior living providers are being put to the test,” said Jane Reitmeyer, Director of Care Quality. “Their residents are being forced to cope with incredible health concerns, all while being isolated from their loved ones. While Constance does not replace quality, family interactions, it does assist in keeping a resident engaged with relationships in the wider world.”

Constance is pleased to now offer their check-in services to senior living communities, across all levels of care, with rapid deployment and integration.

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