How Technology is Transforming Quality Initiatives at Skilled Nursing Facilities

March 21, 2018

NORTHFIELD, ILPost-acute providers are leveraging technology in a new way to improve clinical outcomes and get ahead of potential deficiencies under the new hybrid survey. For Connecticut-based Vernon Manor Care, the path to improving quality through technology started with a partnership with Medline.

Serving the communities of Hartford and Tolland Counties for more than 40 years, Vernon Manor Care specializes in long-term care and post-hospital rehabilitation. The skilled nursing facility traditionally prepared for surveys by conducting their own mock surveys. It was not proven though and difficult to get ahead of potential deficiencies. Knowing there had to be a more efficient process available, Vernon Manor Care turned to Medline for help.

“Nursing home quality is constantly evolving, so I’m always telling our team that we cannot do the same things we did five, 10 years ago,” says Paul Liistro, owner of Vernon Manor Care. “We have to always look for new ideas and innovations that will help improve productivity.”

Vernon Manor Care found their solution in abaqis, a web-based system that manages their survey readiness and QAPI. The system uses a combination of resident, family and staff interviews and observations to identify root causes of potential deficiencies and target areas for action to enhance quality improvement efforts. The following are a few key highlights on how abaqis enhanced quality efforts at Vernon Manor Care in 2017:

  • Zero severe deficiencies (G-level or higher) compared to several G-level deficiencies on previous two surveys
  • Only three standard survey deficiencies, whereas the Connecticut average is 5.2
  • Overall score of 16 (lower is better), compared to state average of 46

“Vernon Manor Care has been very forward thinking in how they approach quality measures. They understand that it cannot just be about cost, but rather what will give their staff the best tools to provide the best care for their patients,” says Edmund Nenortas, Medline post-acute care representative. “It is really exciting to be able to offer solutions that help their team solve their largest challenges.”


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