Thrive Senior Living Shakes up Industry with ‘Playing Favorites’ Brand Campaign

July 16, 2018

ATLANTA–“Dad hasn’t decided who will get his mint condition 1954 pickup. Steer the odds in your favor.” Thrive Senior Living has unveiled ‘Playing Favorites,’ an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek ad campaign catered to the decision-making adult children and caregivers of the elder generation who seek a meaningful community for their loved ones.

The campaign—which uses biting humor and a taboo, disruptive approach to illustrate the challenges older generations and caregivers face in addressing new living conditions—sets the brand apart while humorously targeting the human truths of every family.

“At Thrive, we believe standards for senior living have been too low for too long,” said Les Strech, president of Thrive. “The benchmark of ‘providing great care’ causes residents to feel like objects in need of care—rather than individuals with a purpose and a great deal to offer others. Thrive creates an environment where older adults can build new and meaningful relationships, and ‘great care’ follows as a natural result. Our new campaign intentionally crosses a line and illustrates our non-traditional approach. While we can grow gardenias and bake a killer cupcake with the best of them, this campaign illustrates our commitment to our residents’ greater wellbeing and sense of purpose.”

In an industry that rarely uses humor, ‘Playing Favorites’ is unexpectedly cheeky, playing up the close relationship between children and parents during a key life transition with blunt statements like “Thrive won’t hurt your chances at getting the Tiffany lamp you and your sister both want” and “There’s a very good chance she could leave it all to the dog. We’ll give you a leg up.” It aims to set the brand apart in an authentic, down-to-earth way while showcasing Thrive’s empathetic, inventive approach to this phase of life with ads for assisted living and memory care communities. The campaign also takes care to play to Thrive’s independent living communities, with ads touting statements such as “They built you a mother-in-law suite. Too bad it comes with a son-in-law.”

“The message we are delivering is unlike anything this industry has ever seen,” said Jeramy Ragsdale, founder of Thrive. “We’re straying away from tired ads filled with older adults staring at sunsets and 22 rounds of bingo – we want older adults to know that we are here to earn trust and build friendships with them. This brand campaign demonstrates our belief that great relationships are filled with laughter and honest conversations. This is a part of what sets Thrive apart.”

Adults with a keen wit are encouraged to keep a sharp eye out for the year-long ‘Playing Favorites’ campaign, which can be seen in print and outdoor ads in communities across Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia and the D.C. metro area until spring of 2019.

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