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Touchtown’s Newly Released Activity Management Transforms Programming for Residents and Staff

November 26, 2019

PITTSBURGH, PA–Touchtown has announced the release of Activity Management, a new feature of their Community Apps product that streamlines event registration to empower senior living residents and staff.

According to Touchtown’s Director of Product, Lindsay Evans, “Communities are adding four times more activities than any other content into the Touchtown system. Staff want to make sure activities are successful and positive for residents to nurture engagement, but managing every conflict or special need with the current workflow process makes that near impossible.”

Activity Management was developed with feedback from both staff and residents to address this process problem and improve the resident experience. The result is a feature that alleviates complicated and paper-driven workflow processes for staff while empowering residents to independently register for events.

For residents, this allows them to RSVP to events, join waitlists, share special requests, and receive notifications for their registered events right on their mobile device. Activity Management coupled with Touchtown’s Resident Directory also empowers attendees to find each other and forge friendships after they meet at an event.

“Trekking to the front desk and flipping through our big book to register for events is not ideal. It’s wonderful to have the option to use the app instead,” said Longwood at Oakmont resident and Technology Committee member Anne Ducanis.

Fellow member and neighbor Karen Heuser added, “And imagine the impact for people who can’t get to the desk quickly. It will be much easier for them to sign up now that registration is just a click. And, it’s so easy to navigate.”

For staff, Activity Management tracks registration in real-time and cancellation notices come directly to administrators’ inboxes. Registration for a specific event can be limited to a certain window or attendee amount so staff can plan more effectively. Automatic waitlists allow staff to evaluate interest and easily promote waitlisted registrants if spots open. Staff can also check residents in at events and click-to-call residents who haven’t arrived on time.

Activity Management also means staff can track attendance and make better decisions about programming. That information will enable communities to better allocate resources and serve resident interests.

“While Touchtown does deliver on resident engagement through their technology, they’re also great partners in helping us improve processes,” said Jolene Moore, Corporate Director of Lifestyles at Vi Living. “This will be a major time saver for our staff and valuable amenity for our residents — without any work needed on our end.”

The feature is available as part of the engagement technology company’s full Community Apps package.



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