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US CareNet Announces Launch Of NavCare Division

July 21, 2016

AUGUSTA, GA–US CareNet, a national senior care services provider based in Augusta, Ga., today announced the launch of their NavCare care management division.  The NavCare brand provides chronic care and transitional care management, population health management and care coordination services for primary care providers and other healthcare providers throughout the country.

"For thirty years we have been developing and improving an extremely effective care center," said Rick Griffin, US CareNet President and Chief Executive Officer. "We use only Registered Nurses for triaging our patients and only nurses licensed in the states in which our services are provided. Unlike software companies who hire clinicians to work in a call center, we are a healthcare company with experienced clinicians using our proprietary software designed to provide the highest level of care through our Care Center. Our goal is to help providers deliver a higher quality of care to the chronically ill population, thereby driving better outcomes and more efficiency throughout the healthcare system."
To date, NavCare has added more than 50,000 Medicare patients to their roles through agreements with practice groups and healthcare organizations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, South Carolina and Texas. Additional agreements are in process.

"Chronic care and transitional care management are the wave of the future in healthcare and we anticipate and are preparing for exponential growth in the coming year," said Jon Wilder, Chief Operations Officer for NavCare and US CareNet. "Much of our time has been spent educating about chronic care management, its cost saving benefits, as well as its benefits to patients. Keeping patients out of the hospital and helping them manage their chronic conditions is vital and we have been able to show health care providers how easy it can be for them through the use of our services."

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