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Waltonwood Senior Living Projects Over 2,000 Acts of Kindness in February

February 16, 2022

Premier senior living brand Waltonwood, run by family-owned company Singh, announces a company-wide push to meet a goal of 2,022 acts of kindness in their communities this month in recognition of the official National Random Acts of Kindness Day occurring on February 17, 2022. Waltonwood leadership hopes this initiative reminds their communities all that kindness can do for individuals, including little boosts to mental health and overall togetherness for the communities.

“Kindness comes in many forms, and likewise can positively impact people in many measurable ways. Simple acts of random kindness can reduce pain, anxiety and stress while increasing our energy, lifespan and happiness” says Lindsay Charlefour, director of life enrichment for Waltonwood communities. “Waltonwood’s approach to senior living provides a sense of home and familiarity to residents. Further than that, we want even our staff members to feel that comfort through the way that our communities care for each other. This initiative is such a great way to promote that among all of our teams and residents and encourage them to make little differences to others that can go a long way.”

Each Waltonwood community’s team members -and even some residents- are coming up with their own kindnesses to express to others through their words, actions, special skills, or group efforts. One example of these acts of kindness is a surprise birthday party that the afternoon staff team at Waltonwood Cherry Hill in Canton, MI put together for a fellow team member, Diana Woolum, for her 70th birthday, complete with balloons and cake. Another example is the Waltonwood University Executive Director, Jonathan Hills, clearing snow off of the staff’s cars before the end of work to save them time and warmth. Waltonwood communities are filling their days with thoughtful acts just like this through the whole month.

“Our communities have really hit the ground running with this initiative and met close to 500 acts of kindness documented by others in just the first week. We are blown away,” said Sara Bailey, senior regional director of sales for Waltonwood. “We’re really hoping that this month-long recognition of kindness continues well into the future as another value of Waltonwood communities: impactful habits of acting through kindness, and compassion around every corner that makes lives just that much better.”

In the first week of February alone, Waltonwood’s leadership received notes recognizing staff who baked goods for essential service providers, residents who babysat friends’ pets, compassionate teammates who surprised others with completed errands when they were too busy, and more. Communities experienced spontaneous decorations, paths being cleared in the snow, and flowers abound that benefit American Heart Association.

Waltonwood community neighborhoods are located in North Carolina, Virginia, and Michigan. Waltonwood Senior Living communities in North Carolina include Waltonwood Cary Parkway in Cary, Waltonwood Cotswold in Charlotte and Waltonwood Lake Boone in Raleigh. Waltonwood Ashburn is located in Ashburn, Virginia.

The Waltonwood Senior Living communities in Michigan include Waltonwood Carriage Park and Waltonwood Cherry Hill in Canton, Waltonwood Twelve Oaks in Novi, Waltonwood Main in Rochester, Waltonwood University in Rochester Hills, Waltonwood Royal Oak in Royal Oak, and Waltonwood Lakeside in Sterling Heights.

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