WVHCA Instrumental in Passing Law Allowing Distance Learning for CNAs, Opening use of Course

October 3, 2018

LOUISVILLE, KY–The West Virginia Health Care Association (WVHCA) played a key role in the state Legislature’s decision to allow distance learning for long-term care nurse aides.

In addition, WVHCA was the first entity in the state to apply for and secure permission from the Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification to offer an online training course for certified nursing assistants provided by

“Providers in our state are experiencing difficulty recruiting and training CNAs,” WVHCA CEO Patrick Kelly said. “Some individuals need to continue to work while they study. For some areas of our state, travel to classes is difficult, and it’s hard for people to find transportation. We were looking for alternatives to traditional methods of training CNAs, and offers a great one. We are excited to present this program to our members.”

“The long-term care industry truly needs expanded access and flexibility in a time of severe workforce shortage,” said John Reinhart, co-founder and president of Academic Platforms and “We applaud Patrick Kelly and the WVHCA team for collaborating with us to use the CNAonline model to create a new pathway for their members to recruit, develop and retain new talent. This partnership achieved a collaborative win-win outcome where students can now use technology for flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime. Simultaneously, regulators were assured the course met or exceeded all state guidelines.”

The course uses the American Health Care Association’s nationally-recognized curriculum, How to Be a Nurse Assistant. The didactic portion is offered online, 24/7, instead of in the classroom and has a professional instructor who personally helps each student. Students can use their smartphones, tablets or PCs to access an e-book that includes quizzes, skills videos, group discussions, gamification of medical terminology and tests. Also available is a full audio format. Clinical skills training is offered hands-on and in person, normally at the hiring facility, which gives students a chance to become familiar with the organization’s culture and equipment., powered by Academic Platforms, provides technology solutions that empower healthcare providers to recruit, develop and retain qualified clinical staff.’s integrated CNA curriculum has been developed for aging care providers by the nation’s largest association of long-term and post-acute care providers, the American Health Care Association (AHCA). It is currently approved in FloridaIndianaIowaKentuckyMinnesotaSouth Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Incorporated in 1976, WVHCA is dedicated to helping maintain the high standards of licensed long-term care facilities. As the state’s largest long-term care trade association, WVHCA currently represents 130 member nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and residential retirement centers. Members include privately owned, government operated, and nonprofit organizations.

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