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Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Receives $500,000 Donation

January 10, 2017

WELLESLEY, MA–Cure Alzheimer’s Fund announced today that the nonprofit has received a $500,000 donation from an inaugural fundraiser organized by Cure Alzheimer’s Fund board member Sherry Sharp through the Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation. Sharp presented the check to Cure Alzheimer’s Fund during the organization’s annual Alzheimer’s research symposium.

“We are so grateful to Sherry Sharp and the Rick Sharp Alzheimer’s Foundation for their efforts to help raise awareness and support Alzheimer’s research,” said Tim Armour, President and CEO of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. “Their generosity and commitment to finding a cure for this disease will go directly to fund the world’s leading researchers in their efforts to end Alzheimer’s.”

Richard L. Sharp was a leading retail executive who died from Alzheimer’s disease in 2014.  He was the chief executive officer of Circuit City from 1986 to 2000. Under his leadership, the electronics company grew from $175 million to $10.6 billion in annual revenue. Additionally, Mr. Sharp founded the used car superstore CarMax and was a founding investor and Chairman of the Board of the popular Crocs footwear brand.

In honor of her late husband, Sherry Sharp joined the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund board in 2014 to further the mission of preventing, slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s disease. Sharp has devoted herself to improving the lives of others through education, children’s services, and medical research. She has devoted time to Christian Ministry and writing, including publishing Chicken Soup for the Soul: Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias Edition. Her story, Life Interrupted, was inspired by her experience as caregiver to her husband after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

“This disease must be stopped, as soon as humanly possible. It is my honor to donate these funds on behalf of my husband and the millions of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease,” said Sharp.  “I can think of no better way to honor the memory of my husband and to help all of those who are or will become afflicted.”

Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is a non-profit dedicated to funding the most promising research to prevent, slow or reverse Alzheimer’s disease. Since its founding in 2004, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has contributed over $50 million to research, and its funded initiatives have been responsible for several key breakthroughs – including the groundbreaking “Alzheimer’s in a Dish” study. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has received a score of 100 percent regarding its overall financial health from Charity Navigator and a four star rating from the organization five consecutive times.  With 100 percent of funds raised going directly to research, Cure Alzheimer’s has been able to support some of the best scientific minds in the field of Alzheimer’s research.

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