Eversound Technology Improves Resident Engagement, Understanding and Satisfaction, Study Shows

January 14, 2020

BOSTON–“Hearables for All” was a 12-month program launched in 2017 by the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (FPCIW). The study explored the next generation of wearable hearing devices for older adults with hearing loss as solutions are increasingly needed to address this condition. The study confirmed the value of addressing hearing loss to help promote wellbeing and social engagement in older adults.

“The impact of hearing loss as we age is very real and can be devastating,” said Davis Park, Vice President of FPCIW. “So the opportunity to tackle this challenge through hearing innovations such as Eversound is exciting, and we’ve been thrilled with the social engagement outcomes from this pilot.”

Eversound was the only group listening system in the study, which evaluated its efficacy on promoting resident wellbeing and social engagement, as well as resident satisfaction. The study, funded by the Consumer Technology Association Foundation, reached over 700 older adults of varying ages, hearing abilities and technological acumen across 12 senior living, affordable housing and senior service communities across all levels of care.

Survey data, anecdotal evidence, and interviews collected indicate strong and salient outcomes among residents and care staff who used Eversound’s group wireless headphone system.

  • 74.9% said that they would wear the Eversound to future events
  • 77.4% were more engaged while wearing Eversound headphones
  • 76.4% were satisfied with the headsets
  • 77.4% felt that their Eversound device increased their understanding of the event
  • Care staff reported a 47.8% increase in observed mood and behavior in care centers (skilled nursing), and a 63.8% mood/behavior improvement in memory care

Auditory health tends to be highly correlated with physical and mental health and has been linked to multiple health and wellbeing challenges among residents including cognitive decline, social isolation and disengagement from group events across all levels of care. Both dementia and social isolation have been declared health priorities among aging populations worldwide, with both epidemics having links to hearing impairment.

Eversound combats social isolation by enhancing sound for hearing impaired residents who are at higher risk for dementia, depression and falls. Eversound provides headphone technology for both individual and group settings that allow assisted living and memory care communities to deliver personalized and social experiences at scale. In combination with its enhanced-listening headphones, its content-driven engagement platform, Eversound Engage, provides meaningful programs for residents to increase their quality of life.

Read the full study from FPCIW here: Emerging Hearing Devices Help Re-Discover Sound

Eversound’s engagement-amplifying tool transforms daily life for residents and staff in memory care and assisted living communities. Eversound provides powerful benefits for all residents—including individuals that experience hearing loss, dementia and other health conditions—and is a simple solution that makes a profound difference.

By empowering residents to engage with their communities, Eversound helps prevent social isolation and depression. Eversound prioritizes healthy engagement and wellbeing through its five use cases—group activities, communication with caregivers, visits with family and friends, music therapy, and prospective resident tours—to improve socialization that may reduce the risk of dementia, falls, and other health conditions. Eversound’s team is dedicated to improving the lives of residents in senior living communities.

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