First-ever Partnership Integrates Mobile Medical Practice with Senior Living Community

October 10, 2018

DALLAS–An ideal doctor’s visit would be easy to schedule, convenient to get to, personalized, not rushed, and performed in an environment with a pleasant ambiance. The newly formed, Dallas-based company AveoMedical aims to act as a change agent and provide this kind of service for seniors, who are traditionally underserved when it comes to access to high-quality health care.

Presbyterian Village North (PVN), a senior living community, is pleased to announce it will be the first community to partner with AveoMedical, a patient-centered mobile medical practice that brings a new level of access, convenience and personalization to seniors and families. Together, they will partner to meet the needs of PVN’s independent living residents.

“When we learned of AveoMedical, we knew this integrated approach with customized care would be an ideal model to meet the needs of our residents,” said Bryan Cooper, executive director of PVN. “They surveyed a third of our independent living residents to discover what they are looking for in regard to their health care experience. They then took those results and incorporated the feedback into how they will run the clinic: from the span of time it is open, to how many days it is open, to how appointments are scheduled and more.

“It is amazing to see their genuine interest in our residents,” Cooper added. “We couldn’t be happier with the response and feel privileged to be the first community to apply this innovative approach for providing medical care for seniors.”

AveoMedical is a mobile medical practice that brings experienced physicians who specialize in geriatrics to senior living communities so that residents can schedule and make it to appointments with ease.

As part of its recent $93 million expansion project, PVN opened a wellness clinic complete with exam rooms which AveoMedical leases to provide on-site care to residents five days a week. The initial visit with a new patient includes the Aveo Lifestyle Medicine assessment, which explores past and present health events with state-of-the-art tests to provide a comprehensive lifestyle guide geared toward achieving health and wellness goals.

“AveoMedical is forging a blueprint for a more integrative type of care in senior living communities,” said Doretta Spates, nurse practitioner at AveoMedical. “We are setting the bar for the future of senior care with our high standards and exceptional quality indicators, as well as through the use of technology with gold-standard medical guidelines. AveoMedical will attend community council meetings, socials and gatherings to ensure each client understands our dedication to be their on-site medical service provider. We embrace PVN’s mission and will integrate it into our services on their campus to ensure exceptional medical care.”

During focus groups with PVN’s residents, AveoMedical learned that residents wanted greater access to primary care with customized care planning. They learned that many residents are aware of chronic conditions such as arthritis, hypertension, pain and sleep apnea. These seniors desire a closer primary care physician (PCP) relationship that would allow for timely, high-touch follow-ups with the right specialist coordination to manage these conditions available at an overall lower cost as compared to an expensive healthcare system.

Since many residents use the internet for online shopping and email, the ability to schedule appointments, conduct virtual visits with their provider and view health records online will provide them with the access they want and need. AveoMedical also found that 35 percent of those surveyed saw their PCP at least three to four times last year, and that number should be higher, especially for chronic care management.

“Due to advances in medical care, we are seeing people live much longer, resulting in an increased need for the management of chronic disease and preventative care,” said Dr. Jordan Pastorek, medical director for AveoMedical. “If their illnesses and risk factors are effectively managed, their quality of life is improved. We are excited to bring care to patients’ doorsteps and provide efficiencies that allow them to spend more time enjoying their personal lives.”

“To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, there is tremendous pressure on communities to offer acute and chronic care services on-site to support aging independent living residents and complement wellness programs,” said Jade Falldine, vice president of operations of AveoMedical.

“The AveoMedical model provides operators with a cost-effective solution by delivering on-site primary care services focused on quality care and prevention, technological integration and adherence to current Medicare requirements,” Falldine added. “The successful launch of our partnership with Presbyterian Village North has exceeded our expectations. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from residents, family members and staff.”


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