Florida Senator Ed Hooper Recognizes Veterans at Market Street Memory Care Residence East Lake

November 30, 2021

Veterans at Market Street Memory Care Residence East Lake received special attention this Veteran’s Day as Florida Senator Ed Hooper made a visit to honor their service and sacrifice.  Hooper, a longtime advocate for veterans’ rights and a former firefighter, greeted resident veterans, handing out paper medals and shaking hands with nearly a dozen former service members.

At Market Street Memory Care Residence East Lake, Florida Senator Ed Hooper honors a resident veteran for his service.

“Today is the day to honor veterans, but I believe we should do that every day,” Hooper told the group assembled in the community’s innovative and impressive Market Plaza.  “On Veteran’s Day, the country pauses and reflects on the sacrifices our veterans and their families made for their country, and we can’t thank you enough.” Senator Hooper then announced the names of each veteran in attendance, presented them with a handshake, a ribbon, and a humble, ‘thank you for your service.’

At Market Street Memory Care, attention to detail goes far beyond the splendor of Market Plaza, with unique displays of vintage clothing, antiques and memorabilia specific to the residents in each community. From the preserved uniforms of a 1921 University of Wisconsin nursing graduate and World War II Air Force and Navy soldiers, to the 1950’s vacuum cleaner and signed sports collectibles, each item brings a sense of joy and wonder, transporting you to the era of past generations and honoring those who lived them.

The Senator’s visit was highlighted in a news story by the Suncoast Times, bringing attention to the resident veterans who truly deserve the honor, and the Senator who prioritizes these events.  “We make an effort to honor our veterans’ year round, but they especially appreciated the Senator’s recognition,” says Destanee Batts, Assistant Executive Director at Market Street East Lake.

Owned and operated by Watercrest Senior Living Group, Market Street East Lake is a 64-unit, state-of-the-art memory care community providing world class care, multi-sensory programming, diverse culinary experiences, and unparalleled associate training honoring seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The community boasts Watercrest’s uniquely designed Market Plaza, an active, ‘outdoor’ streetscape, complete with Newsstand, Art Gallery, Bakery, Salon and Spa, and Post Office caringly designed to welcome family and friends.

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