Joe Zukauskas Appointed as Vice President of Sales at Claiborne Senior Living

December 27, 2022

HATTIESBURG, MS—Claiborne Senior Living welcomes Joe Zukauskas as vice president of sales. In this position, Zukauskas oversees the organization’s occupancy management efforts and tactics, and works alongside Claiborne Senior Living’s regional support team and communities to ensure they are optimizing all opportunities while still achieving desired business targets.

Zukauskas has occupied sales, marketing and operation roles at the community, regional, divisional and corporate levels for 23 years. His expertise includes sales activities such as: the leadership, team building and direction of field’s sales teams; development and implementation of sales strategies and tactics; training and development of team members, marketing strategy and planning; and consistent tracking and performance of all sales results.

“Joe implements a consistent and steadfast focus on daily sales and marketing management to drive occupancy and revenue growth,” commented Justin Wray, chief operating officer of Claiborne Senior Living. “With Joe’s passion and drive to help people as a solution provider, we anticipate continued growth in all our communities.”

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