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K4Connect Launches Strategic Partnership with Dude Solutions to Enhance Maintenance Management for Senior Living Communities

January 4, 2018

TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions will be integrated into K4Connect’s flagship product, K4Community, specifically designed for the residents and operators of senior living communities. This integration simplifies how residents submit maintenance requests, while helping communities streamline their operations. Through the K4Community resident application, residents are – for the first time – able to directly submit and track their maintenance requests as well as view request history.

K4Community brings together smart home automation products, wellness devices, software applications and even (previously) standalone systems such as TheWorxHub, into a single system, accessible to the residents via the K4Community resident application and to the staff by way of the K4Community staff dashboards. The integration of TheWorxHub and K4Community saves staff time and money, while providing a convenient interface and timely information to residents.

“We’re excited to be working with an industry-leading company, such as Dude Solutions, to help our customers provide the best service possible to their residents,” said Ben Armstrong, vp product management at K4Connect. “Through this partnership, community members can submit and track maintenance requests directly from their K4Community resident application on their tablet, smartphone or computer, while staff can access and efficiently manage requests from TheWorxHub.”

From routine maintenance to ad hoc cleaning and repairs, work order requests submitted through K4Community are transferred to TheWorxHub operations platform to be processed in real-time. Operators are able to act on requests immediately, reducing time to completion and eliminating the need to manually provide status updates to residents.

“The integration of TheWorxHub and K4Connect presents a powerful opportunity for senior living communities to offer the best care to their residents,” said Nick Mirisis, vp of marketing, Dude Solutions. “By providing a seamless experience for requesting and checking the status of work, our unified solutions offer residents the ability to live more independent, connected lives.”

TheWorxHub integration will be available via an automatic upgrade in 1Q 2018.

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