Leading Memory Care Organizations Partner To Deliver Advanced Cognitive Therapies

January 30, 2018

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL–Terra Vista, a memory care assisted living community designed for those living with progressive stages of Alzheimer’s dementia and other dementia syndromes, has announced a partnership with the Memory Care Corporation.

A variety of cognitive programs for people in all stages of dementia designed to increase socialization and participation in meaningful activities will be offered not only to Terra Vista residents, but also to individuals living in the outside community who are coping with a dementia diagnosis.

This strategic partnership plays an important role in Terra Vista’s stride to become a cognitive resource center for families and healthcare professionals throughout the western Chicago suburbs.

MemoryCare is a therapy company specializing in person-centered, evidence-based dementia interventions. The organization, led by president and speech-language pathologist Becky Khayum, collaborates with six Chicago-area memory clinics to provide individualized therapy and ongoing support for families living with dementia.

Khayum also serves as adjunct faculty at the Northwestern Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center, and collaborates on research initiatives in the area of person-centered interventions and technological innovation for people with dementia.

“MemoryCare is thrilled to be a part of the Terra Vista community,” said Khayum. “The Terra Vista team has demonstrated passion and an unwavering resolve to become a leader in the person-centered dementia care movement, while creatively interweaving technology into many of its programs. MemoryCare is excited to work collaboratively with Terra Vista to continue the mission of increasing life participation and engagement for people with dementia.”

MemoryCare Corporation and Terra Vista have partnered to offer Medicare-reimbursable therapy services, support groups, and activity groups on a weekly basis under the shared vision of integrating the latest research in behavioral interventions with the innovative use of technology.

These programs will build upon Terra Vista’s creative technological foundation, such as the “Stay Connected App,” which allows family members to stay directly involved with their loved one’s daily activities from hundreds of miles away.

MemoryCare’s MIND (Meaningful, Individualized, Non-pharmacological approach for Dementia) Therapy Program, unique to Terra Vista, incorporates the latest research in cognitive-communication interventions into its treatment programs. For example, technology is used to create personalized memory and communication aids that allow individuals with dementia to more easily communicate with those around them, which can also help reduce repetitive questions.

The MIND program also emphasizes modifying the environment and enhancing the ability to engage in previously enjoyed activities through the use of visual supports and Montessori approaches. Technology is harnessed to increase social engagement experiences, like streaming personalized photo albums narrated by family members for Terra Vista residents on smart tablets.

It is both partners’ belief that participation in meaningful everyday tasks (chores, personal hygiene, games, etc.) promotes safety, positive interactions, improved communication, and independence in daily life. Even the simplest of tools, like electronic memory books and communication wallets, can dramatically increase a person’s feelings of self-worth. The key is not attempting to change the person, but rather changing the environment around them.



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