LifeCenters Development Group Is Forming A “Super Bowl” Team To Help Build Senior Housing

January 27, 2017

LifeCenters Development Group is pleased to announce the hiring of two new team members, Jim Britt and Kori Tallman. CEO Jeff Tallman, “We are building a ‘Super Bowl’ team to move us into 2017 and beyond. These two add immeasurable value to our organization.”

Jim Britt serves as LifeCenters Chief of Staff providing project management and administrative oversight for our entitlement processes and construction projects. Jim was an Assisted Living Director in Texas then an Executive Director of an Assisted Living community in Nashville. He was awarded by the Governor of the State of Tennessee for his work with seniors while in that role.

He served for over 12 years in the US Navy as a Navy Deep Sea Diver. Jim left the military as a Chief Petty Officer and made his way to Belize, Central America where he and his wife (also a Navy Diver) founded a jungle resort which they ran for 9 years before selling.

Jim is married to his wife, Jacquelyn, for over 21 years and has 6 children and 3 grandchildren. His son Eric, is serving in the US Navy in Norfolk, VA.

Kori Tallman truly “Lives on Purpose” and engages her natural talent for developing strong relationships to oversee Investor Relations for LifeCenters. Kori possesses the discipline and tenacity to be an invaluable asset for the LifeCenters team. There is a core foundation to Investor Relations: “Know you, Like You and Trust You” – it doesn’t take long for anyone that meets Kori to quickly set that as the standard on their relationship.

Her previous career was built on trust and going the distance. The result- saving lives throughout the United States in the Behavioral Health and substance abuse industry. Her responsibilities included business development, managing logistics, collecting payments, and most importantly giving people in need someone they can turn to and trust in their times of need.

Kori is a proud mother of 3 children, 2 grown and an 8 year old daughter named Makayla. Her oldest daughter Carissa is expecting her first twin granddaughters this April; her son Dylan is serving our country in the US Army.

As LifeCenters carries out its mandate to help “Change the way Seniors Live Life” they are better equipped to do so with these solid additions to their team.

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