Maplewood Senior Living to Participate in Research Study with Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and LifeBio

February 15, 2022

Maplewood Senior Living today announces their participation in a pilot with the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging (BRIA) and LifeBio, Inc. to develop and test an online platform to facilitate life story work for individuals with dementia. LifeBio Memory™, a reminiscence therapy app will help residents describe their life stories using a set of question and photo prompts with their voices recorded. The goal is to engage those living with dementia in residential care communities, allowing residents, family and staff the opportunity to benefit from this life story work. Residents and family will enjoy participating in developing and receiving their Life Story Books, and staff will gain a powerful tool in providing person-centered care to feel closer to the residents through learning their unique histories.

“We are thrilled to participate in this nationally funded study that will surely leave a lasting impact on the future of memory care,” said Gregory D. Smith, president and CEO of Maplewood Senior Living and Inspīr. The “LifeBio Memory™ application serves as a perfect complement to our Getting to Know You process and furthers our ability to deliver the highest quality of personalized care for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias; plus it is a really special gift for our residents and their families.”

The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging will train volunteers to administer life story interviews to residents using the brand new LifeBio Memory™ app. This pilot work will be used on future procedures going forward into the clinical trial in which the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging will bring LifeBio Memory ™ to ten residential care facilities across Ohio to study the acceptability and feasibility of the approach, as well as outcomes on residents and staff.

“The LifeBio Memory™ application will capture and store individuals’ stories with voice, photos and other media and ultimately deliver a point-of-care personalized experience for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease,” said Beth Sanders, founder and CEO of LifeBio, Inc. “We believe it will be transformational in building relationships and impacting quality, and we look forward to providing continued support on important agetech that improves care for older adults.”

“We are pleased to bring together our successful partnerships with both Maplewood Senior Living and LifeBio, Inc. for this important pilot project that will lay the groundwork for our upcoming clinical trial testing the new LifeBio Memory app,” said Silvia Orsulic-Jeras, Research Associate at Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging. “Our previous pilot study of the original LifeBio program demonstrated positive findings, such as reducing depression, increasing job satisfaction among nursing home staff as well as achieving high levels of satisfaction with the program from residents. The goal, beginning with our work at three Maplewood sites, is to determine whether the new LifeBio Memory app will elicit similar findings.”

Maplewood Senior Living has been a leading innovator in the senior housing industry, known for its upscale senior living residences offering a broad range of premier services and amenities, including independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing and rehabilitation. With communities in multiple states, Maplewood Senior Living is committed to providing its signature standard of excellence to residents.

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