New CuraSene Platform by Data Driven Care Offers Non-Obtrusive Solution to Help Mature Adults Age in Place

March 4, 2020

ORLANDO, FL–According to the last U.S. Census, the number of people age 65 and older in the United States is expected to increase to 55 million this year; to some 70 million by 2030, and to 88.5 million— or 20 percent of the population in 2050.

In addition, per the AARP, nearly 90 percent of seniors want to stay in their homes as they age, regardless if they need a little assistance or not. And contrary to popular belief, the majority of seniors are now embracing technology as a means of communicating with family or to make their home more comfortable with smart thermostats, video doorbells, etc.

But making a home smarter only does so much. To address the growing needs of mature adults aging in place and to provide more information and sense of security to their loved ones and/or caregivers, Data Driven Care has introduced its first offering, CuraSene™—a home service that brings caregivers awareness of how a loved one living alone (aging in place) is doing.

Unlike home monitoring solutions that need to be ‘programmed’ and use cameras or recording devices, CuraSene™ is driven by sensors which collect activity data from multiple sources and then forwards it for analysis and timely reporting to a caregiver’s Apple or Android phone app. The result is a practical presentation of various activities and status information that are useful to family members or caregivers in proactively determining needed care.

The CuraSene™ HomePlus system self-learns and after an initial period of studying the behavior within the home, such as the number of times the resident visits the bathroom, opens the refrigerator, or how long it typically takes them to move around the room, the system can detect any activities that are outside the established baseline norm.

For example, if the individual being cared for is using the bathroom significantly more than normal, it can suggest a UTI or other illness. Or, if there are gait speed changes, it could be the sign of malnourishment, dehydration or risk of falling. The data is shared with the family member or designated caregiver via the CuraSene™ app and will send alerts if something has changed, or, if the system detects that something seems to need immediate attention.

“The CuraSene™ HomePlus platform and app essentially keeps an eye on our loved ones when we can’t be there,” said Shekhar Iyer, CEO of Data Driven Care. “And because there are no cameras or recording devices, seniors can feel more independent and cared for in their own homes without their privacy being invaded. Identifying changes in daily activity can also better help caregivers, physicians and family members determine if everything is status quo or if their loved one might need additional support, medical attention, or changes in their care. In addition, in the coming months, CuraSene™ will not only provide this precious awareness on the behavior of an elderly relative, but it will also offer a range of data driven add-on services from wellness to security and more.”

The CuraSene™ HomePlus kit can be self-installed in less than 30 minutes, and it starts with simply connecting a small gateway to a broadband Internet connection and positioning the pre-labeled and pre-programmed sensors throughout the home in places like the bedroom, bathrooms, hallway, dining room, family room, etc. as well as on the refrigerator door, front door, and back door.

An optional bed sensor is also available which can detect heart rate, restlessness, falls from the bed, and more. And, when needed, a wearable panic button can be used within 50 feet surrounding the home to request immediate assistance. For those in Florida, professional installation is also available through Data Driven Care and trusted partners throughout the state.

Utilizing the CuraSene™ sensors, the platform can detect the following types of abnormal activities: falling (based on inactivity), not returning home in the evening, wandering during the night, not leaving the bed in the morning, remaining in the bathroom or increased bathroom visits, kitchen activity, changes in walking/gait speed, difficulty sleeping, changes in typical daily activities, and more.

There are a variety of services available including customer care support.

Data Driven Care’s (DDC) mission is to collect various types of data that drives better care for the elderly who are aging in place. The company concentrates on a robust data collection and management platform focused on professional and individual caretaker’s needs and specific care requirements are developed through the aggregation of direct sensor data, demographic data, and the development of synthetic data.  Through a network of partners and industry professionals, DDC is poised to make CuraSene™ the most comprehensive and passive home care offering for seniors living alone—wherever they call home—to help them age in place longer, healthier and happier, saving significant money by not having to leave their home for extended care sooner than necessary.

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