New Theory Identifies Remedy For The Aging Process

December 28, 2016

LOS ANGELES–The CompX Research Institute’s new theory of aging posits that the aging process is the result of the progressive divergence between phenotype (what we are) and genotype (our genetic design). That divergence is caused by environmental factors, with intense exercise being the critical factor. Humans are genetically designed to function perfectly throughout their lifespans. But without frequent intense exercise, actual environment differs from the evolutionary environment, and the divergence between genotype and phenotype increases over time.

“Exercise is the Fountain of Youth,” said the Institute’s founder.  “Today thousands of people in their 50s and 60s are reversing the infirmities of aging through intense exercise.  That’s yesterday’s news.  But those observations are critically important, because they disprove any theory that is based on the assumption that the aging process is inevitable, irreversible or hardwired into our genes.  People are growing stronger, smarter and healthier as they get older.  That progressive improvement is simply impossible under any of the current theories of aging.  This new data mandates a new theory.”

The Institute’s Hypothesis explains that the aging process is just another correctable deficiency disease, like scurvy or rickets.  “It’s not the exercise itself, but rather the set of chemicals that the body synthesizes in response to the exercise that is the critical factor,” said the founder. “Those chemicals, which we call Complex X, activate the body’s Growth Process, a discrete process involving the interaction of dozens of substances associated with growth and rejuvenation.  Our actual condition at any point in time is a function of the balance between the forces that are constantly wearing us down, or entropy, and the Growth Process.  Since most older adults rarely activate the Growth Process, the forces of entropy gain the upper hand over time – the aging process.”

Science has long recognized the entropy side of the equation. Most health-motivated lifestyle adjustments are designed to minimize that wear and tear. “The traditional approach is doomed to failure,” said the founder. “Entropy is inexorable. The key is to focus on the other side of the equation. You don’t remedy scurvy by trying to address each of the symptoms individually.  You correct the underlying Vitamin C deficiency and let the body heal itself.  Similarly, the remedy for the infirmities of aging is to correct the underlying Complex X deficiency, and allow the body to rejuvenate itself through activating the Growth Process.  That’s far simpler than manipulating our genetic makeup, which is already fine, or trying to remedy the myriad of symptoms of the aging process.”

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