Juniper Communities’ Catalyst Program

An overview of the different Catalyst components

Most senior living communities have a lot of programs to help take care of their residents, but they can seem disconnected at times. Juniper Communities, which has 30 communities across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas and Colorado, is working to connect a number of their services through their health and well-being …

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Arbor Ridge’s Korean Cultural Program

Korean residents posing for a photo for International Day

A lot of senior living providers have programs designed to get their residents involved in the community, including fitness and exercise classes, musical performances and more. However, Arbor Ridge Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center has taken an additional step to care for their residents, with the goal of helping them feel …

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Four Corners

Four Corners panelists: Reiners, Elza, Perry, Symonds and Thiel

The final HEALTHTAC West 2022 panel was entitled “Four Corners: Technology, Innovation, Programming & Your Residents’ Experience,” and it was moderated by Matt Reiners, co-founder and VP of Eversound. The event took place at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, AZ. The conversation started off discussing the importance of building …

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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership panelists: DeVinney, Hardwrick, Howard, Nolan, Petras, Sorgen and Sweet

An all-female panel from the recent HEALTHTAC event in Scottsdale, Arizona, discussed what it means to be a female executive in senior living. It was aptly entitled “Women in Leadership.” The moderator—Margaret DeVinney, director of senior living sales at Enseo, Inc.—began the conversation with this question: “How is being too …

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Ploughing Past Pilot Purgatory

Ploughing Past Pilot Purgatory panelists: Thomas, Bultema, Burke, Mullin and Skaff

The recent HEALTHTAC event, which took place in Scottsdale, Arizona, hosted a panel focusing on pilots—specifically, how to not get stuck in “pilot purgatory.” In fact, the panel was entitled “Ploughing Past Pilot Purgatory,” and the panelists spoke about their tips and tricks for vetting and selecting pilots to participate …

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Trailblazers: The Importance of Supporting New Endeavors

Trailblazers panelists: Chisman, Marvin, Paterno, Pickhardt and Taylor-Roberts

Last month, a handful of senior living panelists discussed innovation—specifically, why it’s critical and how they’re approaching it in their own communities. The panel, entitled “Trailblazers: Sharing the Importance, Benefits and Value of Supporting New Endeavors,” was part of a recent HEALTHTAC event, which took place at the Fairmont Scottsdale …

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