Shifting Marketing Strategies Post-Pandemic

"Digital Marketing" in a circle, surrounded by the components of digital marketing

Recent HEALTHTAC Panel Covers How the Senior Living Industry Marketed During the Pandemic In the wake of the pandemic, senior living communities have had to change how they operate—and this includes the marketing and sales teams. HEALTHTAC hosted a panel entitled “Shifting Marketing Strategies Post-Pandemic,” where a handful of industry …

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Wellness and Engagement

Wellness and Engagement panelists: Byrd, DeVinney, Frankel, McCorvie, Stranburg and Buddensiek

HEALTHTAC Panelists Explore the Importance of Purpose and Social Connection in Senior Living Communities Wellness has always been a central tenet of senior living communities—and not just physical wellness, but also emotional and mental well-being. During a recent HEALTHTAC panel entitled, “Wellness and Engagement: A Critical Pivot for Future Growth, …

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Purchasing: Overcoming Supply Chain Issues

Purchasing panelists: Kuchenbacker and Nolan

HEALTHTAC Panel Highlights the Pandemic’s Effect on Purchasing Products The current news around product shortages made a recent HEALTHTAC panel, entitled “Purchasing: Overcoming Supply Chain Issues,” even more timely. The panelists discussed how the pandemic—and other recent events—has changed the purchasing process, relationships with distributors and vendors and how they …

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Innovation In Senior Living

Innovation in Senior Living panelists: Freitas, Sawyer, Smith, Eckberg, Reiners and Newton

HEALTHTAC Panelists Explore Innovation Successes, Struggles and Best Practices Innovations—mostly technology-related, but also new ideas and simple changes—were discussed during HEALTHTAC’s “Innovation in Senior Living: The Do’s and Don’ts and Everything In-Between” panel, which took place earlier this year in Orlando, Florida. After a round of panelist introductions, the moderator, …

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Coping With Labor Shortages

Coping With Labor Shortages panelists: Nessler, Edwards, Lawson, Campbell and Mohler

HEALTHTAC Panelists Explore Recent Staffing Challenges and Hiring Strategies It goes without saying that the pandemic has drastically affected the entire senior living industry. HEALTHTAC hosted a panel this spring entitled “Operations: Coping with Labor Shortages Amid Growth, Expansion,” during which the panelists discussed the pandemic’s effects on staffing—specifically, hiring …

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Change Agents

Change Agents panelists: Petras, Nessler and Puklicz

HEALTHTAC Panel Discusses Pandemic-Driven Changes To Labor And Operating Standards A recent HEALTHTAC panel reviewed how the pandemic has led to staffing issues in senior living communities, and what the industry is doing to recruit new people—and to support those who have stayed. Entitled “Change Agents: Moving Senior Living Forward,” …

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The CEO Series: Mary Leary, Mather


Mary Leary, CEO and President of Evanston, IL-based Mather, will celebrate her 20th anniversary at the helm of the organization in June of this year.  During her tenure, the 81-year-old not-for-profit organization has experienced huge growth and expanded its reach to touch the lives of nearly 200,000 people annually. Leary …

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The CEO Series: Chris Keysor, Lenbrook

When Chris Keysor, president and CEO of the senior living community Lenbrook announced major expansion plans in December 2018, the company had recently acquired a four-acre parcel of land adjacent to its Atlanta campus. The Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Fast forward to October 2021 and the $108 million …

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The CEO Series: Scott McCorvie, Vita Senior Living

Earlier this month, senior living veteran Scott McCorvie announced his new venture, Vita Senior Living. The company is focused on acquiring select Florida communities that could benefit from real estate and operational improvements in addition to new investors and other capital partnerships. McCorvie and his team employ benchmarking analysis tools …

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