A Dining Experience: Going Beyond Feeding and Eating

A Dining Experience panelists: McGee, Parton and Ratigan

The final panel of HEALTHTAC Food and Beverage 2022 centered around ensuring a dining experience for residents. During the panel, which was titled “A Dining Experience: How Senior Living F&B Is Going Beyond Feeding and Eating,” the culinary executives discussed eating versus dining, innovation, trends and more. “Feeding is where …

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A Future of Dining Excellence

A Future of Dining Excellence panelists: Burrows, Calhoun, Watts and Lo

HEALTHTAC Food and Beverage’s second panel discussed what the future of dining will look like for senior living’s culinary departments; it was aptly titled “A Future of Dining Excellence.” The panel was moderated by Edward Lo, VP of sales and marketing at FullCount, and the culinary panelists talked about how …

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The Culinary Programs of Today

The Culinary Programs of Today panelists: Fowler, Herzig, King and Moret

The COVID pandemic—and all of the issues that came along with it—no doubt had an effect on senior living’s culinary departments. That’s what was discussed during the recent HEALTHTAC Food and Beverage event’s first panel, entitled “The Culinary Programs of Today: What Senior Living F&B Looks Like Post-COVID.” The panelists …

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The CEO Series: Rob Liebreich, Goodwin Living

CEO Rob Liebreich

Goodwin Living, an Alexandria, VA-based senior living company, has three communities in Virginia that serve almost 2,500 residents—but it’s helped more than 10,000 older adults nationwide through its brain health programs, primarily StrongerMemory. StrongerMemory was created by Rob Liebreich, Goodwin Living’s president and CEO, out of a determination to help …

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Acts Corporate University

Employees paying attention during a workforce development workshop

Colleges across the nation are about to let their students out for winter break—and some of those students will be Acts Retirement-Life Communities employees who are participating in an Acts Corporate University (ACU) program. ACU was created by Acts to help its employees. “ACU was founded in 2000, with the …

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Camp Waltonwood: An Intergenerational Experience

Residents help check campers in at registration

We’ve heard time and time again that it’s important to build and foster intergenerational relationships. It benefits everyone involved—from the young to the old. Waltonwood Communities decided to encourage these relationships through a fun, creative and engaging event: Camp Waltonwood. “Camp Waltonwood is an annual, intergenerational community event that began …

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A Virtual Cruise Around the World

Smiling resident holding a cruise ticket and passport

Travel is a fun way to see other parts of the world, discover different cultures and traditions, try new food and more. Cambridge Enhanced Senior Living decided to simulate the experience of travel through decorations, food and activities, and took its residents on a weeklong virtual cruise back in mid-September …

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Juniper Communities’ Catalyst Program

An overview of the different Catalyst components

Most senior living communities have a lot of programs to help take care of their residents, but they can seem disconnected at times. Juniper Communities, which has 30 communities across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas and Colorado, is working to connect a number of their services through their health and well-being …

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