Oasis Senior Advisors Names Trevor West New IT Team Lead

BONITA SPRINGS, FL–Oasis Senior Advisors is dedicated to helping seniors and their families find the right place, and that’s what attracted new IT Team Lead Trevor West to the position. The Rochester Institute of Technology graduate with information technology experience in banking, gaming, telecommunications and more chose to join Oasis because he knew it wouldn’t just be a job — it would be an opportunity to help people.

“I like the business model. I like that we’re not just in it to make money,” West said. “We’re working for the greater good.”

West picked up on the Oasis difference in a conversation with CEO Tim Evankovich, who reached out after seeing West’s resume. Evankovich was so down-to-earth, West didn’t even realize he was talking to the man in charge of the company.

“Trevor fits our culture of compassion and personal service,” Evankovich said. “He’s also vastly skilled and experienced, and I know that with him managing our IT operations, we’re in good hands.”

West will be developing new features for Oasis franchisees and leading the company’s IT team from numerous different perspectives. He’ll seek to streamline processes and make the system more efficient, and he’ll also be working to perfect tools like the OasisIQ™ software, which helps pair seniors with the local communities that are the best fit for their wants and needs.

“I’ve seen a lot from the development side over the years, so I’m excited to get to know how this team operates and help make everyone’s job easier,” West said.

West earned his bachelor’s in computer science from RIT and followed it up with an MBA from the University at Buffalo, which sent him to study in China as part of an international residency program. He was a technical lead at M&T Bank headquarters, web developer/administrator for Seneca Gaming Corp., and a business intelligence developer for Mediacom Communications Corp., the fifth-largest cable operator in the U.S.

He’s excited about finding new solutions at Oasis, and after living for the last several years in Western New York, he’s excited for much more pleasant winters.

“It’s very beautiful here,” he said from company headquarters in Bonita Springs, Florida. “All the people here have been incredibly friendly.”