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Olio Partners with Healthcare Systems, Nursing Homes in Indiana to Improve Patient Outcomes and Caregiver Safety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 23, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS–Olio, an Indiana-based healthcare software company focused on improving communication between healthcare provider teams, announced it has partnered with the largest health systems and nursing home networks in the state of Indiana in response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Olio is currently in use in 22 hospitals in Central and Southern Indiana and 197 nursing homes across the state to coordinate patient care and reduce the further spread of the outbreak.

Currently, health systems lack insights into their patients’ conditions once that patient has been discharged from their facility and return to their assisted living facility or nursing home. This lack of insight increases the risk of patients being readmitted to hospitals for worsening conditions that collaborating physicians may have been able to treat before their patients’ condition declined.

Olio’s technology provides physicians with the ability to both monitor and proactively treat nursing home patients in self-quarantine, thereby reducing the risk of patients displaying COVID-19 symptoms from being unnecessarily transferred, which could expose healthcare workers, emergency room staff and other patients to the illness.

“Olio simplified our collaboration efforts with our hospital and physician partners, getting our team valuable information to support our healthcare workers and patients,” said Troy Reiff, RN, vice president of post-acute service development and managed care at American Senior Communities. “Our teams and communities are committed to embracing technology to keep our patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and Olio is an example of an innovative way to bring the hospital and nursing home care teams together digitally.”

Olio has provided hospitals the ability to know where nursing home-based patients are located and interact quickly with that facility’s clinical staff to support them in their care of the patient. In the event that the patient needs to be transferred to the emergency department, the escalation of that patient’s status automatically notifies hospital staff to take the necessary precautions to prevent exposing both patients and themselves to the virus.

Since the declaration of a statewide public health emergency in Indiana on March 6, 2020, Olio has trained more than 1,200 nursing home clinicians and 230 hospital clinicians to help coordinate the care of over 1,700 vulnerable patients in the state. With the assistance of Olio’s software, nursing home clinicians on average receive updated guidance from their health system partners in just over three minutes.

Olio’s team has committed the last month working tirelessly to implement their technology and build custom COVID-19 solutions to keep healthcare professionals and patients safe during these unprecedented times.

“Every member of our team has been focused on building solutions to help patients and clinicians during this pandemic. Our technology removes archaic workflows and gets clinical resources to the patients in the most need,” said Ben Forrest, CEO of Olio. “We are confident that we found a better way for health systems to engage with their post-acute partners. By putting easy to use technology in the hands of both the health system and nursing home care teams, the patients in most need get the care they need in the fastest possible way.”

Olio enables greater collaboration between acute and post-acute healthcare providers, so patients receive more coordinated care. Physicians receive immediate visibility into patient care beyond the hospital. Care coordinators gain access to patient-specific progress data so they can effectively manage vulnerable populations.


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