PointClickCare and Redox to Bridge the Gap Between Acute and Post-Acute Markets with Strategic Partnership

March 6, 2018

LAS VEGAS, NVPointClickCare Technologies, the leading cloud-based software vendor for the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) market, announced today its strategic partnership with Redox Inc., the leading integration platform for healthcare data exchange.

Together, PointClickCare and Redox will work to bridge the gap between the acute and post-acute markets, empowering health systems with the visibility required for a truly coordinated and collaborative approach to care delivery across the healthcare continuum.

“Traditionally, health systems have had limited visibility into what happens with a patient after they are discharged into a post-acute care setting. Additionally, as the industry shifts towards a fee-for-outcome model, providers will be called upon to deliver the highest quality of coordinated care,” said B.J. Boyle, director of Product Management, PointClickCare.

“With the largest single repository of post-acute data of any long-term care vendor, PointClickCare is well positioned to provide healthcare partners with the patient insights required for true coordinated care,” Boyle added. “This partnership with Redox enables us to connect with health systems and exchange post-acute patient information in a simplified and integrated approach.”

Through its extensive repository of senior care insights, PointClickCare is able to support health systems as they look to expand their partnerships with long-term and post-acute care providers. With Redox enabled, PointClickCare can now exchange valuable data and insights with any health system without requiring significant IT resources.

As the first long-term post-acute care vendor to work with Redox, PointClickCare has access to over 200 healthcare organizations already working with Redox, further supporting PointClickCare’s goal of improving care coordination among acute and post-acute providers.

“The transition to long-term post-acute (LTPAC) facilities is becoming increasingly important for health systems as they look to reduce costs and improve care outcomes,” said Luke Bonney, CEO, Redox. “As a leader in the LTPAC space, PointClickCare is the ideal partner to help redefine the transition from acute to post-acute care by ensuring the data is not only effectively exchanged, but also harnessed to deliver vast improvements including facility matching and regional population health efforts. We couldn’t be more excited to power PointClickCare’s integrations and look forward to helping their customers and health systems share data seamlessly.”

PointClickCare is committed to making a meaningful impact in the lives of seniors, and with the right partnerships in place, PointClickCare is able to help its customers achieve the best care outcomes for today’s aging population. Further support of this mission is the launch of PointClickCare’s Developer Program. Designed specifically to offer developers a streamlined, integrated process to build on the PointClickCare platform, while offering senior care providers a quick, cost-effective way to broaden third party integration for efficient, customized care delivery.


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