Prospero Health Partners With GrandPad to Improve Access to Care for Vulnerable Seniors During COVID-19 Surge

April 23, 2020

BOSTON–Prospero Health, a team-based home health care company, has partnered with GrandPad, the first purpose-built tablet for people over 75, to improve access to care for vulnerable seniors during the COVID-19 crisis.

Nearly 100 Prospero patients are already engaging in live video interactions with their care teams using GrandPad, allowing Prospero to continue bringing comprehensive and compassionate care to patients’ homes while adhering to strict social distancing guidelines.

The COVID-19 risk to elderly and immuno-suppressed patients has isolated many in their homes, making it harder for clinicians and caregivers to attend to their medical and emotional well-being. From the potential for missed medications and falls to the risk of anxiety and confusion, these patients require even greater vigilance during this global crisis.

Prior to this partnership, more than 80% of Prospero patients did not have access to a mobile device with video chat capabilities. Utilizing GrandPads addresses that barrier to access and allows Prospero care providers to continue visual observations that enable better identification of symptoms and behaviors than with traditional telephone interactions.

The partnership with GrandPad provides an immediate boost to Prospero’s telemedicine capabilities. “Our care model has been evolving to bring more virtual capabilities into the home, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that effort,” said Doug Wenners, Co-Founder and CEO of Prospero. “While there’s no substitute for home-based visits, this crisis shows how important it is to provide other ways to engage with patients, and thanks to GrandPad we’ve been able to quickly mobilize.”

Prospero’s clinical care model consists of multi-disciplinary teams of doctors, nurses and social workers who provide care in the home and through 24/7 telemedicine support. The GrandPad tablet is customized for ease of use by seniors and allows Prospero care teams to regularly check in on patients and collaborate with external specialists, primary care physicians and family caregivers. These connections are also essential for preventing loneliness, which can exacerbate existing clinical conditions for older adults. In-home care will still be available when clinically necessary.

“Reconnecting seniors with caregivers and family members is critically important to maintaining physical and mental health during social distancing,” said Scott Lien, Co-Founder and CEO of GrandPad. “Innovative healthcare companies like Prospero recognize the role technology can play in bridging this gap with telemedicine capabilities that support consistent access to care, clinical outcomes, and above all, quality of life.”

Prospero is commited to utilizing GrandPads to deliver care to at least 900 patients in the weeks ahead.

Prospero’s multi-disciplinary care teams of doctors, nurses and social workers are specially trained to address complex medical needs, providing face-to-face and virtual telemedicine care in the home at scheduled appointments and anytime unexpected needs arise. Prospero serves patient communities in Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Philadelphia.

Based in Orange, CA, GrandPad is a privately held company on a mission to improve the lives of millions of seniors by reconnecting them with family, friends, and caregivers. The GrandPad—the first tablet specifically designed for seniors—comes ready to use out of the box and features a secure private family network and premium US-based customer service. There are no confusing buttons, no passwords or pop-up ads, and wireless connectivity and security are built into the device—eliminating the risks of scams and hacks. Users can play games, listen to music, and enjoy many other exclusive apps on the GrandPad. Additionally, caregivers/family members can video chat, receive voice emails, and share photos with the older person through GrandPad’s companion app on i0S and Android.


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