Regency Palms Long Beach and St. Anthony’s High School Collaborate in Implementing Successful Intergenerational Programming

February 21, 2019

LONG BEACH, CA–Meridian Senior Living’s Regency Palms Long Beach Assisted Living and Memory Care (RPLB) is proud to partner with St. Anthony’s High School in Long Beach to implement two intergenerational programs to foster positive emotional and physical health of the residents and students alike. The programs offered are the St. Anthony High School / RPLB Leadership Program and the St. Anthony High School Choir performances. Both of these programs are held monthly at RPLB located at 117 E. 8th Street, Long Beach, CA.

Benefiting both residents and students, the St. Anthony High School / RPLB Leadership Program gives St. Anthony’s students an opportunity to meet with the RPLB residents to seek advice and guidance on how to succeed in life and business. The residents share their life experiences and knowledge with the students to help them reach and achieve their goals.

Studies suggest that there are many benefits to intergenerational programs for both the young and old. Seniors feel less lonely, more connected, have improved self-esteem, gain knowledge of technology, and get more exercise boosting mental, cognitive and physical health. Younger people learn from the experience of the seniors, feel empowered by helping out, increase connections to the community, and receive mentoring on how to be successful.

The RPLB residents also enjoy the musical performances of the St. Anthony High School Choir. Research suggests that music is connected to memory and can be helpful for seniors who have Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. Music memories are conserved in Alzheimer’s, because areas in the brain that are linked to musical memory remain somewhat undamaged by the disease. By listening to or singing songs, seniors can enjoy benefits such as relieved stress, decreased depression and anxiety, and reduced agitation.

“This is such a wonderful program to encourage engagement with our residents and the students,” said Regency Palms Long Beach Executive Director Christine Tomlinson. “It lightens and brightens our residents every time the St. Anthony students come to visit.”

Meridian Senior Living, LLC, a privately held company, owns and operates senior housing communities and is currently the eighteenth largest senior housing operator in the United States.

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