RF Technologies (RFT) Announces Major Enhancements to its CODE ALERT Operating Platform

March 19, 2018

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CODE ALERT Wander Management

CODE ALERT operational enhancements:

  • User friendly – Modern, intuitive design is easy to learn and fast to use; streamlined interface helps staff find what they need, when they need it.
  • Connectivity – The user interface runs in a web browser from any computer or mobile device connected to the facility’s secured network.
  • Designed for mobile – Native smartphone mode requires no ‘app’ to run. Caregivers on the move receive alerts directly on their device, enabling on-the-go response coordination and easy event classification.
  • Fewer false alarms – A resident’s pendant can be classified as ‘Offsite’ while its wearer is away, without the need to disarm and reactivate upon their return and, once back within range, the individual is immediately secure.
  • Soft Alarm Tones – New softer alarm and alert tones help establish a calmer, more home-like environment.

Also, offered as an expansion option for CODE ALERT, RFT’s new Quality Dashboards Module significantly expands the platform’s reporting capabilities, critical to helping facilities achieve and maintain high care standards. Running on the same server as CODE ALERT software, the Quality Dashboards Module provides a set of tools to assist in analyzing trends, identifying patterns and understanding details of call system response times, resident needs, and staff shift performance. Quality Dashboards functionality includes: Care Time Capture; Care Reason Capture; Staff Data Capture; Real Data Assessment.

According to Paul Larson, vice president, new product development & engineering services at RFT, “The new QAPI quality mandates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are leading many senior care communities to look for a data-driven, proactive approach to improving the quality of life, care, and services they are providing—and an enhanced means of documenting those improvements. Administrators, directors and managers can use the continuously-updated Quality Dashboards, based on real data and trends, to both celebrate great performance and find opportunities to improve care.”

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