Senior Lifestyle Certified as a Great Place to Work

June 7, 2018

CHICAGO–Senior Lifestyle Corporation was certified as a great workplace by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. Senior Lifestyle Corporation earned this credential based on extensive ratings provided by its employees in anonymous surveys.

“We are honored to be officially certified, as being a Great Place to Work is one of Senior Lifestyle’s primary goals. It is the dedication and commitment of our teams carrying out our core values and mission of enriching our residents’ lives every day that made this achievement possible,” said Jon DeLuca, president and CEO of Senior Lifestyle.

“We applaud Senior Lifestyle Corporation for seeking certification and releasing its employees’ feedback,” said Kim Peters, executive vice president of Great Place to Work’s Certification Program. “These ratings measure its capacity to earn its own employees’ trust and create a great workplace—critical metrics that anyone considering working for or doing business with Senior Lifestyle Corporation should take into account as an indicator of high performance.”

Senior Lifestyle Corporation employees completed 5928 surveys, resulting in a 90 percent confidence level and a margin of error of ± 0.65.

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