Senior Living Interior Design Firm Releases 2019 Industry Trends

AUSTIN, TX– Some companies make predictions about the New Year, and others actually bring trends to fruition. StudioSIX5, one of the nation’s leading interior design firms in the senior living sector, identified several trends that will guide design decisions in the coming year. The team is excited always to innovate and add spice to senior living interiors by creating functional, contemporary and inspiring spaces that celebrate life. StudioSIX5 is eager to take charge when it comes to positively influencing those they exist to serve.

“Looking back, 2018 was a remarkable year for our firm and for the senior living industry as a whole,” said Dean Maddalena, founder and president of StudioSIX5. “We found that many of our clients – new and old – were receptive to suggestions for more modern, innovative and playful interiors. Many were willing to branch out from their comfort zones and differentiate their communities from the competition to stay relevant to today’s aging population. With a new year upon us, we collectively brainstormed to discuss our next steps and our vision for our clients in 2019.”

StudioSIX5 expects to see and implement the following trends in the coming year:

· 2019 will bring increased attention to smart home/smart building infrastructure in senior living communities.

· Design will shift toward creating a more eclectic, residential feeling throughout the community.

· Communities will adapt to the urban, all-inclusive lifestyle residents expect by providing updated spaces for services and amenities with a higher level of design.

· Crisp jewel tones will remain popular in paint, furnishings and accessories.

· Communities will focus on creating outdoor “destinations” with amenities spaces.

· Bars with self-serve POS systems will see a rise in popularity among the senior crowd.

· Employee retention remains at the forefront of employer concerns, but 2019 will bring an increased focus on design considerations for employee amenities.

· Lighter wood tones will gain popularity in furnishings and millwork.

· Finish selections will shift from cool-toned greys and silver accents to warmer neutrals and metallics.

· Increased access to digitally printed materials will bring greater personalization to overall community design.

Senior living is rapidly transforming to meet the higher expectations of today’s aging demographic. The years of the remote gated sanctuary are over, instead giving way to vibrant communities in urban settings with access to shopping, restaurants, and cultural events.

One of the communities leading the way in active adult living for 55 and up is the Overture brand by Greystar. With over 40 active adult communities in their portfolio across the United States, Overture is looking towards the future of senior living.

StudioSIX5 is collaborating with Overture to offer seniors truly contemporary designed spaces that look and feel like the hospitality environments they expect. Their most recent project is Overture Barrett, located in Kennesaw, GA. From the modern exterior to the lustrous and sophisticated interiors, many might confuse this community with a complex for a younger demographic. Claire Richards, project design manager for StudioSIX5, and her team of designers including Julie Roberts and Kim Desjardins eagerly infused their multifamily and hospitality experience into these popular living spaces.

“Developers and residents alike are certainly interested in these new brand of active adult communities,” said Richards. “We see many of these going up in metropolitan areas or the suburbs of major cities. The goal is to reflect the surrounding area within its interiors and exteriors, so we brought in a natural color palette consisting of greens and wood tones. Though we chose a natural color palette, pops of color and fun patterns are playfully integrated and can be found throughout. The fabrics and finishes are also natural, earthy and elegant, giving the modern look a new edge. Our goal was to tie the community back to nature and the culture that surrounds it. It was not an obtrusive fusion though, so everyone should still feel comfortable within the spaces. We also displayed a lot of local photography throughout the commons areas to help residents and staff feel at home.”

Overture Barrett is a transitional to modern community with amenities that cater to a variety of lifestyles – a salon, a fitness and yoga space, a lounge café in the lobby, a game and media room featuring billiards and shuffleboard tables, large and private dining spaces, a dog park, a heated swimming pool and more. While the community is modern, it is not overwhelmingly contemporary, so residents feel both welcomed and relaxed by the spaces.

“While we provide fresh and interesting designs, we also want people to feel at home,” said Richards. “For Overture communities, we pull in new and inspiring trends from the multifamily development and hospitality industries. We combine these with local flavor and designs familiar to people in the area. Our goal is to incorporate exceptional ideas with comfortable concepts.”

Overture Barrett is approximately 240,525 square feet and features 175 units. The companies that brought this community to fruition are Greystar, Meeks + Partners, Overture and StudioSIX5. The community opened in spring 2018.

Looking ahead, there are many positive changes and exciting trends on the horizon. This past year, the industry created spaces that were more functional and comfortable for employees, increased the incorporation of integrated technologies, created more master-planned communities, added local flavor to each project, manufactured aesthetically pleasing and practical products, enhanced lighting and created spaces for purposeful engagement.

The industry made vast improvements, with leaders such as StudioSIX5 continuing to advance the standard of design and create new benchmarks for senior housing so that residents can thrive and celebrate life every day.

StudioSIX5 is one of the nation’s leading interior design firms in the senior living sector. Since 2003, the company has provided design services for all different senior living levels and prides itself on incorporating a celebration for life in its designs. In addition, StudioSIX5 designs furnishings and flooring with leading industry manufacturers.