Social Savvy Seniors Program at La Posada Helps Residents Navigate the Ever-Changing World of Technology

September 1, 2022

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL—La Posada, a Kisco Senior Living community in Palm Beach Gardens, has recently implemented tech-focused programming in partnership with a local technology organization, Social Savvy Seniors, to empower La Posada residents to utilize and better understand the rapidly evolving technology and social media that shapes our world today.

As tools and technologies continue to advance, many seniors feel left behind and overwhelmed by the growing list of programs, apps and websites now utilized in everyday life. For this reason, La Posada has partnered with Tiffany DiPanni, who founded Social Savvy Seniors in 2017, to inspire seniors to enhance their quality of life through technology with guided lessons, presentations and one-on-one sessions that educate attendees on the benefits and conveniences that technology can provide.

“Growing up, I spent a lot of time around my grandmother and her friends, which led me to notice that many seniors lacked important personal connections to their families because they weren’t using social media platforms or had difficulties trying to send texts or emails,” said DiPanni. “In a digital age, we take these conveniences for granted, but many older generations grew up without modern technology and are missing out on the immense benefits technology can provide for them.”

For six months, Social Savvy Seniors has conducted a multi-part series at La Posada, consisting of presentations and discussions surrounding online security, social media platforms, personal devices, fraud and more. Since beginning the program, La Posada residents have vastly improved their tech-savvy skills, enabling them to manage prescriptions, use online banking, avoid scams, video chat with family and even shop online independently.

One such individual, Chuck Sawicki, is a passionate advocate for the Social Savvy Seniors program and has received one-on-one training from DiPanni to help with his business. Through Social Savvy Senior’s Business for Boomers program, Sawicki has been able to perfect his presentations, promptly answer emails and master his personal devices to conduct business efficiently for his volunteer responsibilities in the Palm Beach County SCORE chapter.

“I see Tiffany as a mentor,” noted Sawicki. “Many of us seniors are intimidated by the rapid pace technology is growing, but she is patient and encourages us to work with technology rather than against it.”

On top of guided lessons and customized programs, the partnership between La Posada and Social Savvy Seniors has granted residents the ability to further enjoy modern amenities provided at the community, such as voice command devices and Touchtown, La Posada’s mobile community-connection app.

“Social Savvy Seniors has given our residents confidence when using technology and social media,” said Rick Minichino, wellness director at La Posada. “It doesn’t just make daily tasks more convenient; it allows our residents to stay connected with their families and encourages them to fully engage in life at the community.”

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